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4th Sunday of Easter 25th April 2010


Two men were sitting on a bench chatting. One said, “I think my wife is crazy. She talks to herself all the time.” The other man said, “Oh, my wife talks to herself all the time, too. Only she doesn’t know it. She thinks I’m listening.”

Sometimes in our religious practice we seem to have all the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). We become distracted easily, we find it hard to concentrate, we allow ourselves to go off at a tangent and, most of all, we think we are listening when really we’re not.

In his gospel John quotes Jesus as saying that he is the Good Shepherd whose sheep listen to his voice. And, clearly, if the sheep are to benefit from the shepherd’s experience then they have to listen to where he is directing them.

Most of us would accept that what God is trying to say to us can be found in the bible. Some might go further and say that when the bible is proclaimed in our liturgy then God is actually speaking to us here and now. We would probably accept too that the teaching of the Church is another way of knowing what God wants to communicate to us. But are there other ways of listening out for the shepherd’s voice?

Christ, the Good Shepherd, speaks to us through other people. When we come across others we see the face of Jesus reflected in them, for they like us are made in God’s image and likeness. Yet sometimes we see them only as physical beings rather than as mini-words of God, as glimpses into the divine. Do we hear the voice of God in other people?

What about the events of our daily lives? If we are finding things hard financially, it may be because of the recession. But do we ever think that God’s voice may be prompting us to ask about whether we’re in the right job, using our talents to the full, managing our lives and money properly? Conversely, if we are doing really well, do we consider that we deserve a good pat on the back or do we instinctively bless God for our prosperity? And when we hear of natural disasters such as recent earthquakes do we jump on the bandwagon of “How can a loving God allow such a thing?” or do we learn anything about our own lives and those of others by looking deeper at the consequences of what has happened?

How do we listen for the shepherd’s voice?


The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.(John 10:27)


Christians face the same situations in the world as everyone else. We have families, we go to work and we have decisions to make. But we also have the voice of a guiding shepherd. Where do we look to in order to hear that voice?


God of the harvest, you call us by name and invite us to follow you. Help us to grow in love and service of our Church and our world. Give us energy and courage to shape its future. Grant us faith-filled leaders who will embrace Christ’s mission of justice and love. Bless our parish with the gifts of your Spirit. May we raise up dedicated and generous leaders from our families and friends who will serve your people as sisters, priests, brothers, deacons and lay ministers. Inspire us all to know you better and open our hearts to hear your call. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

When Jesus says that he is no hireling it means that the Father has given this earth over to him, and he is the master of it. The fact that this earth belongs to Jesus, and that he is the elder brother to every man and woman who will ever live here, fills him with the greatest responsibility, which also springs from that charity, which is the pure love of Christ. He could never desert anyone of us when we are in need, for he is not the hired hand. He will never desert us because he is the Good Shepherd. (Lucy Crossforth)

The current director of Schools, Mr Michael Clarke, has tendered his resignation to Bishop Brian with effect from 31st August. This is a high powered position which he has managed with great effect for the past 12 years. If anyone is interested in applying, the specifications can be found on the diocesan website.

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Red boxes for the APF are due for emptying during April.

Wirral Coastal Walk will take place on Sunday 23rd May. The Children’s Society would love your support if you intend to make the walk . See notice board for details.

There will be a meeting for the bereavement support group on Thursday   29th April at 7pm. Please do your best to attend as we need to plan the next service for late May or June.

There will be the usual annual bedding plant sale at SJP on Saturday 1st May from 9am until 12noon in the college restaurant. Pre order if you wish by ringing 645 5049

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St Louis de Montfort only lived for 43 years (1673-1716) but he left his mark on the Church in many ways. Renowned as a preacher he travelled across France and was particularly well-known for developing the branch of theology called Mariology, the study of Mary’s role in the Church and in the events of salvation.

Pope John Paul II said that his motto “Totus Tuus” was inspired by Louis’ writings about the Virgin Mary. This motto comes from a prayer by Louis:“Totus tuus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt, O Virgo, super omnia benedicta.” (“I am all yours, and all that is mine is yours, O Virgin, blessed above all.”)

John 10 tells us how thieves and wolves come to destroy the sheep. But the good shepherd is there to save them. These verses tell us that though Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy God’s people, Jesus is there to protect, love, and save us from destruction giving us eternal life. Jesus came not to merely be the hired keeper but came as the one (the only one), who was and is, COMPLETELY COMMITTED TO US — even to his own death and resurrection. Jesus is the good shepherd who laid down his physical life for you and me. (Marisa Lefftmann)

Without a shepherd, sheep are not a flock.

(Russian Proverb)

Interested in a holiday at Palazzola in June? A Carlisle priest is looking to add to a group going on 7th– 14th. Sounds good. All details on posters on side wall of church. Copy of booking form available from me.

This year, Confirmation for Candidates in Year 9 and above will take place on an LPA basis on Thursday 25th November. Preparation will begin in the week commencing Sunday 12th September.
There will be a meeting for parents and prospective candidates in July before the end of the school year
New Ferry Butterfly Park opens to the public after the winter on SUNDAY 2 MAY, 11am -4pm, when our artist-in-residence, Carol Ramsey has organised a fun day – see attachments. Please come along and encourage others to do so. For your information, the position of the Park is still unsure. Wirral MBC is progressing a Compulsory Purchase Order, but these things take time. Meanwhile there is a court case in Liverpool on 11 May to consider an application by D Morgan plc, an application by Cheshire Wildlife Trust for an injunction to protect the Park, and CWT’s objection that the notices to quit we have received are invalid.  Hilary Ashe