The sick were even taken out into the streets and laid on beds and sleeping-mats in the hope that at least the shadow of Peter might fall across some of them as he went past. (Acts 5:15)

A week on from the Easter events and there is still a buzz in the air. Every Sunday is a mini-Easter and every celebration of eucharist is an opportunity to rediscover the saving power of God in our lives, forgiving us, strengthening us and setting us free.

HIGH OR LOW? (April 11th)
If the Sunday after Easter Sunday is Low Sunday then when is High Sunday? The answer is that it doesn’t exist. It’s actually called “Low” because of the new Christians who were received into the Church at Easter. After baptism they were given some white garments to put on and they wore them for a week. The second Sunday was the day they took them off (lowered them) and it was officially called “Dominica in albis depositis” (the Sunday when the white garments were taken off).
Of course there’s another name for this Sunday, “Quasimodo Sunday”. But that’s a different story that stems from the fact that the first two Latin words that were sung on this day are “quasi” and “modo”. In his famous account of the hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo calls him Quasimodo because he was reportedly found as a baby on Low Sunday, or Quasimodo Sunday.
So now you know!

Many congratulations to Sara and Philip White who celebrate their Pearl wedding anniversary this weekend. They give wonderful witness to married life in both their own partnership and in the help they offer to other couples through marriage preparation courses and relationship counselling. Thank you both!

St John the Evangelist
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Fr Frank Rice
Rev Philip White
Low Sunday 11th April 2010

When we talk about casting a shadow over something we usually mean it in a negative way.We mean that something is ruined or spoilt. But today, in the Acts of the Apostles, everyone wants to get close to Peter, just on the off-chance that his shadow will fall over them and they will be healed.
The Acts of the Apostles is really the account of how the Church grew and spread in the days and years that followed the resurrection of Jesus. It’s wonderful to see how the apostles became transformed from frightened men, huddling together in a locked room, into forthright preachers of the word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit. There’s a vibrant sense of excitement in the early chapters as we see that God has not stopped working wonders and marvels and that the number of new Christians starts to grow and the Good News begins to be broadcast over new territories.
Of course, because of our baptism, each of us is called to keep this message alive in our world today. We are the new Easter messengers who are fired with enthusiasm by the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. God in Christ has tackled head-on all that corrodes our humanity, all that eats away at our dignity, and has emerged triumphant, even over the ultimate threshold of death. Now we can really live and breathe.
Some time ago the Church in Britain used a slogan which said, “We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song.” Being part of an Easter people summons us to be joyful, for we sing of a great victory that God has achieved in Christ. And our Easter song is echoed on every one of the other fifty-one Sundays of the year because each Sunday is a mini-Easter, a making present of the saving acts of Jesus. Every Sunday, even in Lent, is a day not for fasting but for feasting. To “celebrate” liturgy is to broadcast what our “celebrity” God has done and is still doing for us here and now. In worship celebrity and celebration are intimately linked.
So let’s be the Easter people. Let’s be proud of our God. Let’s celebrate the wonders God is performing for us. And, yes, let’s cast a wide shadow.


Joe Moore
Prayer Meeting
Sara & Philip White
Monica Bryan
Kitty Loan
Int Mgt. Mitchell
Jacinta Boland
Sat. Vigil

Mary Cawley
People of the parish
Prayer Meeting
Please pray for our sick and those who care for them
Kate Kenny, Denis Brockway, Frida Owens, Simon Donlan, Rev Richard Reid CSsR, Denis Welch, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Mrs. H McCormack, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Mollie Dowling, Kath Holland, Sheila Clayson, Mary Bryden, Owen & Josie Toohey, Betty Kennedy, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Ivan Gregory, Vincent Sarson, Kath Bassett , Pat Ronan, Christopher & Raymond McNally, Mark Harrison & Pauline Marshall. Those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers
Money Matters-Thank you
Good Friday (Holy Places) £259
Sunday Offering £1213. 52 p- as always thanks for your great generosity
120 Club Winner No 97 M. Duffy £20

Red boxes for the APF are due for emptying during April, please bring yours in ASAP and save Tom’s headaches.

Thanks to all who helped to make the Triduum so good-most of all to all the people who attended. I was particularly please with the numbers at the Vigil which I think were the biggest I have seen since I came here. We had a few hiccups but we were among friends I think! Thanks too to the organisers of the Good Friday procession around the village- we go from strength to strength.
Good news!
Marie Rooney is now fully recovered and in good health. She extends her thanks to parishioners for all their prayers and good wishes and intends to have a Mass offered for all your intentions.
Tuesday 13th.
Teresa Young
Colette Corkhill
Thursday 15th.
Phil Topping
Gerry Topping

Saturday 17th.
Anne Keogh
Chris Doherty

There are various items which have been left around the church over the last couple of weeks including a coat, a large scarf as well as cool bags and plastic food containers from the shared lunch.

Someone has written to the effect that the next best thing to feeling God’s presence is sensing God’s absence…Feeling God’s presence in our lives is a remarkable spiritual blessing, and we wish that it were always so. That is, we wish that the strong, palpable, guiding presence of God was always on us. Sometimes it is! And these moments and occasions stand out in our faith pilgrimage and memory as “mountain top” experiences. By their preciousness these kinds of experiences challenge and contradict the more normal ones, in which we sense or feel almost nothing at all. The sense of the utter nearness of God teaches us what the absence of God feels like.
(John R Tyson)
Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is one element of faith. (Paul Tillich)

There will be a day on Scripture at St Columba’s Chester given by Fr. Nick King S.J. It was scheduled for Jan .9th but because of the terrible weather it had to be postponed. Fr Nick is a lecturer on the New Testament at Oxford university and Philip tells me he is well worth listening to! Cost for the day is £10 and a packed lunch is required. See poster for further details.

Doubt is uncomfortable; certainty is ridiculous.

Can I please draw your attention to the fire danger which the candle stand presents. Last Sunday, we did have a fire which was caused by people placing their lit candles under the stand on the foil placed to catch the drips of wax. If there is not a vacant space for the candle you have paid for, then please leave it to one side and it will be lit later. Fortunately Mike acted quickly to smother the fire but if we had been distracted then there may have been more serious consequences. I would hate to have to replace the candles with electric ones.

Now that the date of the general election has been confirmed, there is to be a Churches Election Forum to be held at lower Bebington Methodist Church on Wednesday 21st April at 7.30pm.They are hoping to gather your questions prior to the event as well as on the night itself and questions will be chosen to cover a broad range of topics. Each candidate will be asked to introduce themselves and the question and answer session will continue until around 9pm. Informal conversation may continue after the session is closed. Please send questions to:
Steve Cooper,
Development and Outreach worker
C/o Lwr. Bebington Methodist Church
Bromborough Rd
Bebington, CH63 7RA


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