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17th Sunday of the Year 25th July 2010


A woman who was on a diet came into work with a huge chocolate cream cake. When her friends asked if she had stopped dieting she told them that God wanted her to have the cake. “I saw it in the bakery and prayed to God to let there be a parking spot outside, if he wanted me to have the cake. And on the 10th time round, there was the parking place!”

Prayer is a strange thing. Some people feel the need to tell God a shopping list of things that they want, as if he didn’t already know what they need! And often we ourselves don’t realise what we really need and we pray for things that we think will make life better, but which everyone else knows will be our ruin. The same happens when an alcoholic prays for a bottle of whisky.

There are those who tend to think that prayer is like a religious fruit machine, a divine one-arm-bandit. You put your request in, pull the handle and eventually you hit the jackpot. Of course, this would be to treat God like some sort of robot that did not have our welfare at heart. It’s the sort of prayer that people make to win the lottery.

So it’s hardly surprising that people talk about unanswered prayer. The very thought that God would completely ignore us when we turn to him is ridiculous. But scripture tells us that sometimes we are asking for the wrong thing or with the wrong motives and that’s why we don’t receive what we want. Prayer is always answered; it’s just that sometimes the answer is “no”, or it comes in a way we didn’t expect.

When we look at the prayer that Jesus taught us, the Our Father or the Lord’s Prayer, we notice that there is a lot of emphasis at the beginning on God’s will being done in all things, and the values of God’s kingdom permeating our thoughts and actions. Maybe if we remained open in our prayer, telling God of our needs and desires, but asking him to help us become conformed to his will, then we would start to change our approach to prayer, wanting to be part of God’s plan rather than getting him to change his plans to suit ours. Prayer would become a request to change us.

And maybe that’s why we have to wait until the second half of the Our Father before we get round to asking for things…


Once Jesus was in a certain place praying, and when he had finished, one of his disciples said, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples”.

(Luke 11:1)


Prayer is our lifeline with God. Not to pray means that we have a weak relationship, looking on from the sidelines rather than being at the heart of things. If we never visited, wrote to, phoned, emailed or texted our friends we would lose them…

DAY FOR LIFE (July 25th)

On the fourth Sunday of July each year we celebrate the Day for Life and recall our duty and efforts to support human life from womb to tomb. Leaflets explaining this year’s theme are available at the back of church.

To help us recognise the sacredness of life at each of its stages, and as it leads to eternal life, here are some words from Pope John Paul II:

“Men and women are called to a fullness of life which far exceeds the dimensions of their earthly existence, because it consists in sharing the very life of God. The loftiness of this supernatural vocation reveals the greatness and the inestimable value of human life even in its temporal phase. Life in time, in fact, is the fundamental condition, the initial stage and an integral part of the entire unified process of human existence. It is a process which, unexpectedly and undeservedly, is enlightened by the promise and renewed by the gift of divine life, which will reach its full realisation in eternity. At the same time, it is precisely this supernatural calling which highlights the relative character of each individual’s earthly life. After all, life on earth is not an “ultimate” but a “penultimate” reality; even so, it remains a sacred reality entrusted to us, to be preserved with a sense of responsibility and brought to perfection in love and in the gift of ourselves to God and to our brothers and sisters.”

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Has anyone else noticed any strange behaviour from the Martins? Nora seems to be curtsying and Bill bowing! This is because they have been guests of her majesty. No- you bad minded people, not in one of her prisons, but at one of her garden parties, hob- nobbing with the great and good of the land. We look forward to hearing about their adventures.

God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done. (Harry Emerson Fosdick)

Some members of the congregation ordered (via Fr Frank) booklets appertaining to the papal visit. These have now arrived and can be found on the table at the back of church. Please take yours and place the money in the envelope with your name- many thanks


Jesus’ grandparents, on his mother’s side, were Joachim and Anna. We are not told this in the bible but we learn it from several books that were written after Christ’s death but not included in the list of New Testament books.

One of the reasons they do not feature in the gospels is because they were probably already dead when Jesus was born. Tradition tells us that Anna was from the Levi tribe and that her family provided priests and Levites for the Temple worship. We are also told that she and Joachim were getting on in years and still had not been able to conceive a child. In their old age they gave birth to a daughter, Mary, and in turn she gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. Their feast is celebrated today: a good day to pray for your own grandchildren?

God’s will is not an itinerary, but an attitude.

(Andrew Dhuse)

God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.

(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Day for life today- if you didn’t take your leaflet last week, please do so today.

SAMSON OF ??? (July 28th)

It seems that everyone wants to claim St Samson whose feast is celebrated today. Is he Samson of Wales, of York or of Dol in France?

We think he was born in Glamorgan, Wales, and studied under St Illtyd at the monastery of Llantwit in southern Glamorgan. When he is a bit older we come across him as a monk living with a community on Caldey Island, where he later became the abbot. He was joined there by his uncle, Umbrafel, and his father, Amon. After a visit to Ireland, Samson became a hermit with Amon whom he cured of a life-threatening illness. During a trip to Cornwall, he was consecrated a bishop and appointed an abbot. He then left England and went to Brittany where he spent the rest of his days as a missionary, even though his real wish was for solitude. He founded monasteries, including one at Dol and another at Pental, in Normandy. He was one of the chief evangelizers of his century and has long been venerated with enthusiasm in Wales and Brittany. So what about York? That was a different saint altogether!

Celia Daly has asked that another reminder be made to those volunteers in the parish requiring CRB checks. There are still some unclaimed envelopes at the back of the church with details of government changes in the process. This is the second document which has been sent to each of the people involved so if you have only picked up one so far, please check to see if you have another!!

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