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Fr Frank Rice

Rev Philip White

26th.Sunday of the Year September 26th. 2010


Frank and Lilly were a happily married couple. He worked in a factory and she spent most of her time at home as the family grew to seven children. They didn’t have much time to themselves but Frank was a member of the parish Society of St Vincent de Paul, helping the poor and disadvantaged, and for the past twenty years had been elected to the local council where he was much respected by members of the public. They liked to go ballroom dancing every few months when they could find a baby-sitter and Frank’s hobby was carpentry, although the odd chair or table was about all he had the chance to make.

They didn’t have much in the way of savings but they always told themselves that they would build a workshop in the garden for Frank if they ever scraped the money together. With seven children they never quite managed it.

When he was 55, Frank had to retire from work on health grounds. He got a small lump sum and an even smaller pension. He and Lilly were quite looking forward to his retirement. Lilly had a part time job and Frank was looking forward to making some furniture for the grandchildren’s bedroom. They’d be able to do a bit more dancing now that the children were old enough to look after themselves, and they ordered a shed for Frank.

Frank’s brother Tom had had a different life. He had done well for himself and lived in luxury house a few miles away. He used to make fun of Frank’s work for the Church and for the council, and he had given up the practice of his faith after leaving school, concentrating instead on developing his haulage business. He and his wife had no children and kept themselves to themselves. When Frank talked to him about his faith he said he didn’t object to religion but he had other things on his plate and perhaps one day he would start practising again.

Tom was with Frank in the van on the way to pick up the shed from the DIY store when it crashed and they both died


Woe to those ensconced so snugly in Zion and to those who feel so safe on the mountain of Samaria. Lying on their ivory beds and sprawling on their divans they dine on lambs from the flock.

(Amos 6: 1.4.)


Don’t rush to set your life straight. There’s plenty of time. You’ll probably not die for a good number of years and when life is a little less hectic you can start to think about putting your house in order. Unless you listen to today’s gospel.


The bible tells us that there are seven angels privileged to stand before God in heaven. Today’s feast celebrates three of them.

Michael is called the leader of the heavenly armies (Apocalypse 12: 7) and St Jude speaks about him as rebuking the devil.

Gabriel is well known as the angel sent by God to John the Baptist’s father, Zechariah, and to Our Lady (Luke 1: 26). He is called the angel of the Annunciation.

Raphael, whose name means “God’s healer”, is usually identified with the angel that periodically stirred the waters of the sheep-pool of Bethzatha in Jerusalem that cured the sick (John 5: 4).

There is no other doctrine which I would more willingly remove from Christianity than hell, if it lay in my power. I would pay any price to be able to say truthfully, “All will be saved”. (C S Lewis)

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

(Robert Louis Stephenson)

If your life’s going nowhere, it doesn’t matter how long it is.

(Germaine Benn)

26th. Sun 26th 5.30



Kenneth Whittle


Prayer Meeting

Mon 27th. 7pm Walter Adams
Tues 28th. 10am


Robert Bale funeral service

Frida Owens

Funeral Mass

Wed 29th.. 9.15 Benefactors SSCF
Thurs 30th. 7.15 Private Int.
Fri 1st. 9.15 Peter Dolan
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Wyn & paul Donlan


Prayer Meeting

Please pray for our sick and those who care for them

Teresa McLean, Joan Lee, Ann Ferguson, Denis Welch, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Mrs H McCormack, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Mollie Dowling, Kath Holland, Sheila Clayson, Mary Bryden, Owen & Josie Toohey, Betty Kennedy, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Ivan Gregory, Vincent Sarson, Kath Bassett , Pat Ronan, Christopher & Raymond McNally , Mark Harrison & Genevieve Foster. Those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers

Money Matters-Thank you

Sunday Offering £737 85p

Boiler £3

120 Club Winner No 48 M Simmons £ 20

Tuesday 28th. Teresa Young

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The mass change time on Monday is necessary for me to be able to attend the funeral in Stockport of Fr Frank McManus an old college friend of mine. RIP

I am sure all those who have known George & Frida over the years will wish to extend their condolences to George on the death of his beloved wife. She had been ill for some time and had been cared for with great devotion by George. Her funeral Mass will be this coming Tuesday at 1.30pm.

We also offer our consolation to the wife and family of Robert Bale who died recently. His funeral service will also take place on Tuesday at 10am. Followed by cremation at Landican


A Sioux Prayer

You, O God, are the Lord of the mountains and valleys. You are my mother and my father. You have given rain to make the corn grow, and sunshine to ripen it. Now in your strength the harvest begins. I offer you the first morsels of the harvest. I know it is almost nothing when compared with the abundance of the crop. But since you have provided the harvest, my gift to you is only a sign of what you have given to me.

You alone know how many suns and moons it will take to finish reaping. You alone know how heavy the crop will be. If I work too hard and too fast I forget about you who gave me the harvest. So I will work steadily and slowly, remembering that each ear of corn is a priceless gift from you. This week we ask you to take your CAFOD envelope for collection next week family fast being next Friday 1st October. Just to remind you that the recent CAFOD collection was an extra one for the flood relief in Pakistan.

FYI BBC Radio Shropshire is will broadcast highlights of Bishop Mark’s Mass of Inauguration of 1 October.  Since the programme will be available for 7 days on BBCiPlayer, it means of course that those outside the normal transmission area will also be able to access it through their computers.

Eileen will shortly be ordering the Christmas Cards from TRAIDCRAFT. These cards are very beautiful and of course contain the authentic Christmas message. Every year people are disappointed because the supply runs out very quickly so we should be most grateful if you could put in your orders ASAP.

On Sunday 3rd October at 3pm, Carmel warmly invite you to join them for the annual benediction in honour of St Therese. Preacher Fr Hugh Preston SDB

Gather us in

This is the title of the talks which are to be given explaining the new translation of the Missal. Each series will comprise three talks. The first series will be held at St Mary’s college in Wallasey on 3rd, 10th and 17th.November and a day later at our nearest venue SJP and the talks there will be on 4th, 11th , 18th at 7pm. ALL ARE WELCOME as these changes affect everyone but I would especially ask that readers, musicians and Eucharistic ministers attend. You may mix the venues if you are unable to attend one of the series.

Craighead Institute Integrating Life & Faith Course This Course explores the role of Christians in society and the way in which, inspired by the Gospel and Ignatian spirituality, they can make a difference.  It helps people discern their vocation in today’s world.  The course is run over four non-residential weekends and costs £300.  It is hoped to begin the course 13/14 November.  The venue for the course will be in Northern Moor with good access to M60.  For more details, contact Joan Sharples 01270 620584 joansharples620@btinternet.com .

Please encourage your children to join the group for the children’s liturgy on Sundays. If they are shy at first then you can always join them until they gain confidence and perhaps you might bring them to the hall afterwards for a glass of squash while you have a chat with fellow parishioners.

The visit of Pope Benedict XVI last week has been invigorating for Catholic people in this country. Our pilgrims to Hyde Park and Cofton Park have returned with their stories of what wonderful experiences they had. We thank God that the Papal visit has proved to be such a success and hope that it will continue to bear fruit. Several publications have been produced which may be of interest and David Alton is to give a lecture at the Athenaeum- see poster for details.