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4th. Sunday of Easter 15th. May l 2011


Peter was not known for being a shrinking violet. Time and time again we see him jumping in with both feet, saying the wrong thing or reacting without thinking things through. He doesn’t seem to have changed much after Christ’s death, for today we catch a glimpse of him in action preaching to the crowd. And he comes out with all guns firing. You backed a loser, he says, by killing Jesus of Nazareth. You killed him but God raised him up and made him Lord of all things. So now you’re at odds with God. Naturally, the crowd were cut to the quick and wanted to know how to make amends. Peter tells them to repent and turn their lives over to Jesus.

In many parishes throughout the world there are people who have only been Christians for the last three weeks. They were baptised or received into the Church at Easter. During this fifty-day period until Pentecost we look each Sunday at some of the consequences of being a Christian. We tease out just some of implications of turning our lives over to Jesus and we try to enter the mystery of our faith more deeply.

And so we reflect that Jesus is the gate of the sheepfold and the shepherd of the flock. Those who are new Christians can be very good teachers of those who have been around for a while. This is because they teach us about enthusiasm for faith. They can rekindle in us the old fire that we once had but which may have dimmed a little over the years. New Christians are in no doubt that if you want to find your way into the sheepfold (if you want to be in place where life makes sense), then Jesus is the way in. To seek God with all our hearts, to live according to his teaching, to follow the shepherd to springs of water and fresh pasture…this is why people become Christians. Easter is a time for remembering old truths, and we’re left in no doubt why people take the plunge of baptism for Christ’s sake. It’s because the grass is always greener on God’s side.


The whole House of Israel can be certain that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ. (Acts 2:14)


God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ. Jesus is confirmed as the long-awaited Messiah, the one who was to set his people free. As Lord he holds sway over all things. Still basking in the joy of the resurrection, the Church today commends us to the attentive care of the Good Shepherd. By following him we will come to no harm.

The idea of Jesus as the gate to the sheepfold makes more sense if we understand Middle Eastern farming practices at the time of Christ. In bad weather, particularly in winter, shepherds pooled their sheep at night. They built a large pen with a high wall to keep animals of prey out. There was no roof and no door, just a space for animals to come in and out. The shepherds took turns to do the night shift looking after each other’s sheep. This explains the idea of a rogue shepherd coming to steal others’ sheep. The shepherd kept guard at the “gate”. In fact, he was the gate. And his own sheep recognised his voice when he called them out. (Oliver Todd)

Our Lord said, “Feed my sheep”. He did not say, “Count them!”(Dora Chaplin)

We need good shepherds today in every walk of life. In our homes we need parents who really care about their children, who spend time with them, and who still care for them even when they disappoint them. In our schools we need teachers who know their pupils and who take a personal interest in their well-being. In our hospitals we need doctors and nurses who care about their patients and who do not treat them as objects. In public life we need people who care about the welfare of others rather than their own selfish interests. And of course in the Church we need priests who are willing to give a loving service to their brothers and sisters. (Flor McCarthy)

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Sr. Marie Clare, Frances Heslin, Liam Halpen, Philomena Moore, Margaret Randles, Michael Collins, Teresa McLean, Denis Welch, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Mrs H McCormack, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Mollie Dowling, Kath Holland, Mary Bryden, Owen & Josie Toohey, Betty Kennedy, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Ivan Gregory, Celeste, Kath Bassett , Christopher & Raymond McNally , Mark Harrison, Genevieve Foster & Aileen McGuigan. Vic Gemmell. Those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers

The date for Sr. Marie’s operation is now set for 19th May. Pray that all will go well for her and that she will soon be back with us sharing the Eucharist.

Matters-many thanks.

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In January 2010 we made an insurance claim for water damage in the hall. This has at last been paid out to the tune of £6,335.76p

120 Club Winner No 97 M Duffy £20

The church of Our Lady & St John in Heswall is hosting the choir of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on May 27th at 7pm when they will sing choral vespers. All are welcome.

Mike Daly is leading the altar servers on the Wirral Coastal walk on 22nd May and he is asking for sponsorship for the group as they seek to raise funds for Claire House. There is a list at the back of church for you to add your name to. Even if you can only afford a small amount remember that every penny helps and don’t be put under pressure by the more affluent sponsors!!

I’m taking part in the St Vincent De Paul Society (SVP) – London – Paris Cycle 2011 on 14/09/2011 to raise money for St Vincent De Paul Society (England And Wales) and I’d really appreciate your support.

My justgiving website is www.justgiving.com/steve-whalley50

Thanks for your patience and understanding over the past few weeks while I have been feeling unwell. I sometimes forget that I am getting on in years (to put it mildly). I am feeling better now the infection has cleared, but have been advised to take my time and to rest. The daily masses are still in a state of flux and I am grateful to the Eucharistic ministers who have arranged services of Word and Communion during my absences and also to the priests who have celebrated Masses so far. I am keeping an eye on the mass intentions, some of which have been deferred but if they have not been offered on the published dates then I am sorry. I will do my best to keep you informed and once again I want to thank so many of you for your good wishes, cards etc.

Bernard Dillon raised in excess of £500 at his last book sale at Mayer Hall. All proceeds will go to Parkinson’s UK. He thanks all who supported the venture.

The Sacred Heart Fathers have led pilgrimages to the shrine in Knock, Co Mayo for the last 22 years. They are taking bookings for this year’s pilgrimage which is timed to coincide with the 10 day national Novena around the feast of the Assumption and the anniversary of the apparition (August 21st). Thousands will converge on the shrine to pray at this time.

If you would like to join the pilgrimage from 14th-24th August or wish for more details please contact Fr. Jim Matthews SCJ 0161 480 3164. The pilgrimage will be led by Fr. Liam Rooney SCJ assisted by deacon John Lomas.


Diocesan Marian Year Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Mark next Tuesday, 17th May, at 7pm in St Mary’s, Congleton.  (West Road  CW12 4ES)  Refreshments will be served in the parish hall after the Mass.  All are most welcome.

Thursday 19th marks the feast of St Milburga who was the daughter of a medieval King and became an Abbess of the joint monastery of men and women in Wenlock where she organised the evangelisation and pastoral care of South Shropshire. Her cult owed much to the testimony of St Boniface and of a medieval papal legate who witnessed miraculous cures at her tomb.

I hope you will remember the children who are making their first Holy Communion over the next couple of Saturdays. They are the hope of tomorrow.

CIRCLE PRAYER SERVICE – A monthly service for prayers of intercession and healing. This will be an ecumenical service and everyone is welcome. If you have concerns or are worried about others you are invited to bring them along in your heart. The first service will be held on Thursday 19th May at 7.15pm again at St Michaels.
If you would like any information please email – mairiegelling@live.co.uk or ring 0777163692