Passion Sunday Yr. B 1st. April 2012


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Passion Sunday Yr. B 1st. April 2012


When momentous events happen, only a few people are able to grasp their full significance. So when the Berlin wall fell, everyone cheered, but a few knew what problems lay ahead for a unified Germany. When the iron curtain was finally pierced, only a few realised the implications this would have for an enlarged Europe. It takes a perceptive mind to see beyond what’s under their eyes and be able to grasp the wider picture.

On Palm Sunday there were only a few in the crowd who had any idea of what the real picture was. The crowd cheered and sang; the children were enjoying every moment of Jesus’s entry on a donkey into Jerusalem. It was a colourful pageant and a welcome diversion from the religious duties of the festival period.

But only a few knew that the man on the donkey was no mere rabbi, politician or rebel leader. He was, in fact, God’s Son. He was the Messiah sent by God to bring good news to his people and to reveal the sort of God that they had.

Only a few people could see that the cheering crowd would turn before the week was over and, bored once more, would demand a public spectacle again… this time an execution. In this they were representative of the people at large who rejected the message of Jesus.

Most people would have expected him to argue his case and try to defend himself against the charges of treason in order to save his skin. But a few people were convinced that he would remain absolutely faithful to the will of his Father. That’s because he knew that his mission depended on this.

And while the vast majority of the crowd thought that the whole thing was something of a damp squib and the fun was over after his death, a few understood that his life and death had a purpose. Though he was innocent he gave his life in sacrifice so that sin, death and evil might no longer have a hold over us.

Some people knew that, but not many.

The crowds who had come up for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem.

They took branches of palm and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna! Blessings on the King of Israel, who comes in the name of the Lord.” (John 12:12-13)


During the coming week we can both stand at a distance and watch the events that befell Jesus, or we can enter into our own journey with him. By bearing our own trials with dignity and by playing our part to overcome our sinful inclinations we can share in his risen life. The liturgy of Holy Week gives us the opportunity to be more than mere spectators in the crowd. We can become participants in Christ’s work of salvation.


It’s easy for Christians to appear as masochists when they talk about human suffering. But there is no denying that suffering can also be redemptive. History is littered with examples of people whose suffering has produced the recognition that pain can be a thread in the pattern of God’s weaving. And through the torment they achieve a fundamental joy.

(Florence Walsh) Nobody can love suffering, but we can love to suffer. Instinctively we recoil from suffering but we can learn to suffer for a positive dynamic reason.

(Basil Hume)

I can’t believe in a God who only saves people who live in certain latitudes. If I had happened to be born in Delhi I’d probably be a Hindu; or in Iran a Muslim.

(Robert Runcie)

We pray for all who suffer in the cause of right, for those who give their lives for a purpose larger than their own safety and survival. That their generosity of spirit might meet its own reward in the fullness of everlasting life.

Denis McBride

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Please pray for our sick and those who care for them

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EASTER greetings from the Children’s Liturgy Group
There will be no Children’s Liturgy on Easter Sunday, so that the children can celebrate with their families. We look forward to seeing you all again at 10.00 Mass on Sunday, 22nd April,as well as any new members or helpers!

As you see above, there are several changes to our ‘routine’ this coming week. Please ensure you take home your newsletter so that you can check the times of our services- particularly the Triduum. Please note that the Vigil Mass starts in the grounds with the lighting of the Holy Fire. There will be no admittance into church prior to this except by personal arrangement with Fr. Frank. The service of light is so beautiful– why would you want to miss it anyway?

Last flower Collection this weekend. Your generosity in these straitened times is very muchappreciated.

Total TBA.

Order forms at the rear of the church if you wish to order bedding plants from SJP plant sale on 5th May. Why swell the profits of B & Q when you can support our local school and supply your garden with great plants for the summer?

The funeral service for Aileen McGuigan will be at 12.30pm, on Tuesday 3rd April here in church followed by committal at Landican at 2pm.

Please pray for the McGuigan family who have suffered two blows in quick succession. I am sure they would find it helpful to know that they have our support.

This Monday 2nd we will hold our service of reconciliation as we make our final preparations to celebrate the passion death and resurrection of Our Lord-the Easter Triduum. We will have a collection at the service for the work of Lucy Cottee, a former pupil at Upton. You will recall our collectionfor this purpose last year and this evening you will have a copy of her letter of thanks distributed to you so that you can see what a big difference your contribution made.

The Journey of Easter, another Churches together event will take place on Good Friday at 12md from the Lady Lever Art Gallery. This is a family event and includes music and a parade. The children will display a giant cross. This is an important witness of our faith to the local area. Please pray for good weather and try to join in.

Wikipedia: Year 915 (CMXV) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


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