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Pentecost Sunday Yr. B 27th May 2012


“Footprints in the Sand” is a poem about God’s invisible presence. Sometimes seen on greeting cards, it’s about someone complaining that God was nowhere to be found at crucial moments. Then God replies pointing out that he was there all the time. Although he couldn’t be seen, there were two sets of footprints in the sand.

At Pentecost, Whit Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, the advocate promised by Jesus. The Holy Spirit is with us at every moment of our lives, and many of the things we do are only possible with the help of the Spirit. We may not always sense his presence, but there are always two sets of footprints wherever we go. For the Holy Spirit is the power behind all our attempts at doing good.

God’s Spirit makes people bold. The disciples were timidly huddled in a room before the Spirit released them to be fearless in their preaching. And when we need the courage to speak up for what is right or to take a difficult course of action it is the Spirit who emboldens us.

Life does not always go the way we hope it will. We suffer loss, we become downhearted, and we sometimes feel defeated. It is the Spirit within us that is able to console and comfort and who allows us to offer solace to others in their need. And when our world is riven with strife and discord it is the Spirit who urges us on to bring peace, reconciliation and unity.

But of course life is not all doom and gloom. We are capable of achieving great happiness, of being enormously creative, of sharing loving relationships with God and each other. This too is the work of the Spirit. For the Spirit animates us, encourages us and inspires us to go beyond our own human limitations to act in a God-like way.

Christians possess the Spirit through their baptism and confirmation. And today when we step forward to eat and drink at our Whitsun Eucharist we ask that his gifts may continue to blossom within the Church so that we may continue to proclaim to the world that God is alive and active, working through the hearts of men and women. Even if we can’t always see his footprints.

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak foreign languages

as the Spirit gave them the gift of speech. (Acts 2: 4)


Pentecost recalls the birthday of the Church. People only too aware of their human weakness were strengthened by God’s Spirit to be united in proclaiming the most important message of all time. And we still are today.


On Whit Sunday men of common clay like ourselves heard the wind of God blowing with the force of an ultimatum and compelling surrender. This is the climax in the long serial of creation. But it is not the end. For it is the Spirit’s vocation to inspire, to possess and transform and it will not rest until the last atom of creation burns with a life as full and as fine as its own. (HughLavery)

“Tongues” is a heart to heart language. As a baby lies in his mother’s arms and babbles to his mother – they both understand what he means. So we lie in God’s arms and babble to him. And we both understand. (John Harper)

The very words “Whit Sunday” give us a clue. Whit is “white” and Pentecost is the flowering of the “white” season of Easter. The danger with “red” is that it can turn the feast into some sort of votive celebration of the Holy Spirit independent of the 50-day season. Thus we lose sight of the connection between the resurrection and the sending of the Spirit. For in reality the descent of the Holy Spirit is the climax of the whole Paschal Mystery: death, resurrection, ascension and coming of the Spirit. If we must wear red then let us remember that the Spirit makes sense of the Good Fridays of life. (Oliver Todd)

Our Mother Church, St Anne’s Rock Ferry is celebrating a big milestone this year-150 years since its foundation. There will be special Mass there next Tuesday at 7pm. Fr. Philip extends a welcome to all who wish to share this special time with them.

The feast of the Visitation is on Thursday 31st.. It celebrates Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth and her example of faith in God’s word and sensitivity to the Spirit. It wasoriginally introduced in the 13c


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The party in the park is almost upon us. There will be something for everyone. The key thing is that people simply bring a picnic along and enjoy the occasion. Put it in your diary-Next Saturday 2nd June Mayer Park 10-3pm and get your picnic baskets packed!(Don’t let Yogi know)A lot of effort has gone into the organisation of this event so I hope there will be lots of support from St John’s

It’s not too late to sponsor the Altar servers whose walk on the Wirral Coast is happening this weekend. List at the back of church.

Knights of St Columba are holding a charity concert on Friday 8th June at 7.30pm at St Anne’s Parish Centre. Proceeds to Aid to the Church in Need and other charities.

Tickets from Bernard 645 7929 or Tony 645 9934

Packing non-stop humour and fast-paced historic and cultural detail into a first-class performance.” YORK PRESS– Riding Lightsappearing at Bebington High Sports College on June 1st. Tickets a mere £5 (list at back of church)London is limbering up for an athletic summer. The stadium is built, the torch is lit and grants for the cultural olymp-events are handed out. But not to everyone. Taking this hurdle in his stride, theatre entrepreneur Simon Baxendale goes ahead with a national tour of the show whicheveryone will want to see: the glorious, remarkable and often hilarious story of the rebirth of the Opymlic© Games in Athens in 1896…Enter onstage Baron Pierre de Coubertin, boasting an impressive moustache and an even larger sporting vision, inspired by everything from Ancient Greece to Tom Brown’s Schooldays. He wants to re-invigorate the world, body mind and spirit, with heroic sporting endeavours… and this time he wants everyone to wear clothes! But long before any shorts are pulled on in earnest, Monsieur de Coubertin has his own marathon to run, discovering, not for the last time, that international sport is far from an easy game. Epic, energetic and full of unusual sporting skills, Monsieur de Coubertin’s Magnificent Opymlic© Feat! is an exhilarating new show about the revival of what has become the greatest sporting event on the planet. HURRY- the date is fast approaching!
This week’s book review

An excellent treatise on the subject based on the three acts within the Roman Catholic Eucharist and, at the same time, fully applicable to other Christian denominations. It is written clearly, with humour and undeniable logic supported by numerous quotations and references. It is a compelling and challenging read and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. (Amazon review)

This is just one of a number of books by this author which can be obtained from our bookstall. We also have a couple more Sunday Missals in stock- do you have a friend who is to become a Catholic? A book would be a perfect gift!

Fr. Gerald Courell PP of St Winifred’s Neston, died last Sunday 20th May after a short illness. May he rest in peace. His funeral arrangements are as follows:

Monday 28th May 7.00pm St Winefride’s, Neston Reception of body &Vigil Mass.

Tuesday 29th May 11.00 am St Winefride’s, Neston Funeral Mass followed by interment in StWinefride’s Church Graveyard.


Don’t forget that we have started to collect good quality clothes, shoes, bags, belts.Look out for the containers in the porch after mass on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Irish Night was a great success. Fred (The Voice) Archbold took to the mike at one point. The event was much enjoyed by one and all. Thank you to all those who arranged the occasion.

There is to be a Family Camp Retreat at Franciscan Retreat Centre Pantasaph 1st- 7th June (Half Term). Advance booking is necessary. Adults £10, child £5 per day. See posters for contact details etc.