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20th. Sunday of Year 19th August 2012

Come and eat my bread, drink the wine I have prepared! Leave your folly and you will live, walk in the ways of perception. (Proverbs 9:5-6)


Where do you turn for help and advice? How do you make your way through the mire of decisions that is modern-day life? Jesus tells us today that following his teachings, feeding off the bread of life, is the only sure way to real happiness.


Commemorating this central mystery of faith (the eucharist) involves a commitment to fulfil it in the concrete reality of our existence. It means recognising that the passion of Christ continues in the dramatic events which, unfortunately, even in these times, afflict so many men and women in every part of the earth. (Pope John Paul II)

Rejection of religion is a crutch for those who cannot stand the reality of God’s promises. (Oliver Todd)

Accumulated knowledge does not make a person wise. Knowledgeable people are found everywhere, but we are cruelly short of wise people. (Michel Quoist)

St Bernard, abbot, doctor of the church. Bernard was born near Dijon in 1090 and died in 1153. At the age of 21 he joined the impoverished reform abbey of Citeaux. He became the founder and abbot of Clairvaux and pioneered the reform and expansion of the Cistercian order. He was a prolific writer on theology and spirituality, an eloquent preacher, and an advisor of popes and kings. He is remembered as the most influential churchman of his age, for his inspirational leadership, and for his devotion to the humanity of Christ and to the Blessed Virgin.


Dame Wisdom and Dame Folly are two characters in the book of Proverbs. Dame Wisdom offers good advice on how to get on in life, while Dame Folly’s suggestions are not only disastrous but they lead to complete ruin.

In today’s scripture readings we see the result of this alongside Jesus’ teaching about the bread of life.

So it’s not surprising that Dame Wisdom is inviting people to enjoy a banquet of bread and fine wines that she has prepared. Come and eat, she says, and you will gain insight into what really matters.

Meanwhile Dame Folly (in a passage that follows today’s scriptures) invites people to drink stolen water and to eat their bread in secret. Not exactly the recipe for a festive social gathering!

These two Dames are the backdrop for what Jesus is telling the crowd. He has fed the 5000 with bread and fishes. He has told them that in future they will be able to eat a bread that will never leave them hungry. And now he comes straight out with it and says that he himself is that bread. Whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood will live for ever.

For the crowd the choice is stark. Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus: is this wisdom or is it folly? What are they to make of it? If they go along with it, they will be considered fools in the eyes of the world, but if it turns out to be true then they will have cashed in on the most incredible promise: to live for ever!

In a sense each one of us today is part of that 5000-strong crowd. What Christians believe about the eucharist is considered foolishness by others. We too are asked by Jesus whether we are prepared to accept his teaching, to follow in his steps, to eat and drink his flesh and blood.

Like the crowd, we are faced with the stark choice. Do we go for Dame Wisdom’s sumptuous spread or do we settle for Dame Folly’s fast food?

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Rob McDermott died during the week after a short illness. Despite knowing he had a terminal illness, he bravely managed to attend Mass up to last Sunday. We offer our sincere condolences to Pat and his family and friends. His funeral Mass will take place next Friday. May he rest in peace.

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Bartholomew is named in the list of apostles and is generally identified with Nathaniel as being the ‘Israelite without guile’ who was led to Jesus by the apostle Philip. He is said to have preached the gospel in India and Armenia where tradition indicates he was martyred. His feast is on Friday 24th

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