14th Sunday, 7th July, 2013


St John the Evangelist

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14th Sunday, 7th July, 2013


Peace is complex matter. We tend to think of it as a thing, something that can be won or lost, something that brings about an end to war and terrorism. So we think of peace as a lack of conflict, a time when we don’t have to worry about those unclaimed packages on the train, when arrests on suspicion of terrorism are a thing of the past.

In reality this is not peace; it’s only a type of truce, because peace can never be the absence of something. It’s always the presence of something. Peace is not a static situation where nobody is fighting against anyone else. It is a dynamic thing which has to be worked for, and then supported and maintained by justice.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the peace God promised through Isaiah two and half thousand years ago has only been enjoyed for very brief periods. Jerusalem is, of course, the centre of daily attacks and outrages. Yet God promises to send peace there like a flowing river. So where is it?

Perhaps we can say two things. The first is that each of us has to play our part in making peace. We may be tempted to think that our individual efforts to be peaceful people can have little effect in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine. Of course, to a degree this is true. But if everyone worked to make their own patch of the world a just and peaceful place, then the chance of global peace would be greater.

The second point is that the Christian Church cannot simply preach peace, sing about it and lament its absence. We have to make representations so that just and equitable decisions are made in our name that affect the lives of others. We have to support those who are fighting for civil and political structures that respect the rights of other people. Everyone is in favour of peace, but we have to work to see that peace does not come at the price of some people’s rights and freedom.

The peace that Jesus promised is one which the world cannot give. Yet even the world’s peace is worth fighting for.


For thus says the Lord:

Now towards Jerusalem I send flowing peace, like a river, and like a stream in spate the glory of the nations. (Isaiah 66: 12)


Where is this peace that God promised to send? Either God has not kept the bargain or we have failed to be bearers of peace in the circumstances of our daily lives. For peace is not a thing; peace is peaceful people. And even in the most severe conflicts peaceful people always end up prevailing.

Where people are praying for peace the cause of peace is being strengthened by their very act of prayer, for they are themselves becoming immersed in the spirit of peace.

(John Macquarrie)

There are two powers: the sword and the spirit. But the spirit has always vanquished the sword.




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Mystery Plays

Every 5 years the

Mystery plays take place in Chester and this year for the first time they will take place in the nave of the Cathedral. The dates are 26th June to 13th July. You can book tickets for the events by ringing 01244 500959 or to find out more -Search the internet www.chestermysteryplays.com

Tomorrow, Monday, 8th July, members of the Bereavement Group will hold their monthly coffee morning in the parish centre from 10-11am. Members of the group are there to listen if you wish to chat.

Catholic Singles is an organisation which helps single adult Catholics of all ages meet, either one to one or through social events. Please tel. 0161 941 3498, visit the website info

On Tuesday, 16th July, at 7.30pm the Bereavement Group will be hosting their annual Memorial Service. Invitations have been sent out but all are welcome to come along to remember their loved ones.

Please be aware of those parishioners who have come early to church to take advantage of the quiet atmosphere to pray. It is a time to still ourselves before the celebration of mass begins.

Thank you for your consideration.

Celia Daly had a nasty fall after mass on Sunday and broke her wrist, resulting in an operation and a short stay in hospital. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a lot of pampering from the male members of the Daly household!!

On Friday, 12th July at 7.30pm you are warmly invited to hear Dr Howard Morgan speaking on “Restoring the Hebraic Foundation of the Church” at ‘The Upper Room’, St Paul’s Church, St Pauls Road, New Ferry. See notice board for more details.

Thursday, 11th July is a Day of Special Prayer for Europe.It is also the feast of St Benedict, Abbot, Patron of Europe. Born at Norcia, Italy about 480, Benedict died at Monte Cassino about 547. After studies in Rome he became a hermit at Subiaco , where man y sought his counsel. He then founded the monastery at Monte Cassino. Benedict is remembered for his widely influential monastic rule, combining work and prayer, and for his charity and moderation. Since 1964 he has been honoured as Patron of Europe, a title shared since 1980 with Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius (14th February)

United Utilities have been back to inspect the ongoing water leak and may have to dig up

a section of the car park. Please pray for an early solution and conclusion to this ongoing problem.

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