18th Sunday of Year C, 4th August, 2013


St John the Evangelist

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18th Sunday of Year C, 4th August, 2013


The preacher in today’s reading summed it all up: “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!” The Hebrew word for vanity means “emptiness” or a mere “breath of air”, something that is insubstantial, here today and gone tomorrow. What the preacher is trying to get across is that there is no point in getting involved with working, earning and enjoying possessions if at the same time we miss out on the real happiness of life.

A young man once found a £20 note on the pavement. From that time on he never lifted his eyes from the ground when walking. In the course of 40 years he accumulated 29,516 buttons, 54,172 pins, 7 pennies, a bent back and a miserly disposition. At the same time, he lost the glories of the sunlight, the smiles of friends, the songs of birds, the beauties of flowers, trees, blue skies and all that is worth living for in life: the opportunity to serve his fellow men and women, to spread happiness and to walk with God.

Most of us have to work in order to live. But we don’t have to join the rat race. We need money to buy food and clothes but if we don’t enjoy what we are doing then we live unfulfilled lives. Nothing that we possess actually belongs to us; it passes to the next generation. Jesus tells us that our life is not made secure by what we own but by our relationship with God and others, particularly with our families. We can become distracted by what the world considers important – money, power, status – and if we are distracted, then our toil and work is like the breath of wind here one minute, gone the next.

It is only through God that my toil, my work, my enjoyment of life can have meaning and purpose. It is in that relationship with God that I can be free to work, free to use the fruits of my labour to serve God and the people around me. In that relationship with God I can be free to love and care, free from the bonds of greed to enjoy life, to discover the beauty of relationships with those who care for me as I am, and the thrill of knowing that when this life is ended, I will be given eternal wealth.


Happy those servants whom, the master finds awake when he returns. (Luke 12: 37)


When we own everything we ever dreamed of, what will we do next? Fulfilment here and life in the hereafter is all that matters. And possessions cannot guarantee this for they are basically hollow. Today’s reading reminds us that seeking after earthly success is nothing more than vanity.

ANYONE FOR CRICKET??? You could not mistake these two fans or their beaming smiles as they stand outside Lords Cricket Ground enjoying their time together and maybe even watching a few overs. Frs. Frank and Dennis enjoyed a holiday in Rome and Assisi. Fr Dennis will be returning to South Africa and we wish him well in his ministry and hope it is not too long before we see him again and Fr Frank is reunited with his chum.



4th 5.30pm



Margaret & Joe Carr


Prayer Meeting

Mon 5th 9.15 Tony Armstrong
Tues 6th 9.15 Parishioners

Transfiguration of the Lord

Wed 7th 9.15 John McLean
Thurs 8th 8am. Private Intentions
Friday 9th 9.15 Private Intentions


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Michael Morrison


Prayer Meeting

Please pray for our sick and those who care for Colette Howes, Barbara Gillespie, Doreen Wrigg,, Frances Heslin, Liam Halpen, Margaret Randles, Teresa McLean, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Kath Holland, Mary Bryden, Josie Toohey, Betty Kennedy, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Christopher & Raymond McNally & Colette Reevey. Remember also those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers.

Please note that Morning Prayer is celebrated 15 minutes before the start of each weekday mass

Money- thank you for your generosity

Offertory: £604.99p

Day for Life: £284.05p

Boiler: £6.50p

Book Sales: £12.75p

120 Club winners: No 62: P Mullen £20

No 66: Mums & Tots £10

Wedding and Funeral Service Administrator

Christ Church United Reformed Church Port Sunlight is seeking to appoint a person to co-ordinate the booking and administration of weddings and funerals. This will be on a part-time basis. The hours of work will initially be 12hours each week. PLEASE SEE NOTICE BOARD FOR DETAILS

You are invited to a newly formed Charismatic prayer group which meets every fortnight at St. Joseph’s Birkenhead. 7.30-9. The next meeting is on Fri. 26th July. The first meeting was very encouraging with 25 people from 4 different parishes. Our Fr. Nick is very keen and brought his guitar along.

Stella McGann (of Pilgrim Troupe fame) will be holding a Garden Party at her home on Sunday 18th August, from 2.00-5.00 p.m. This is a fund raiser for Zambia mission to train teachers. Entrance £5, which includes afternoon tea. There will also be stalls, bar, raffles, pig race etc. You and your friends/family are warmly invited… to chat…catch up with friends….sit in the sun…. and support a really worthwhile cause.

Woodlands, 10 Oaklea Road, Irby, Wirral CH61 3US Tel 648 4901

RSVP to me with numbers if you’re able to come. Gifts for lucky dip, bottle stall or larger items for auction would be most welcome before the day if possible. Many thanks in advance, Stella

STOP PRESS!!! Catholic Newspapers – There were no papers sold on Sunday, 21st July. Could you all please be vigilant and let me or the deacons know if the papers are not on display and between us we can ensure this does not happen in the future.

During the month of August the Bereavement Group monthly coffee morning and the Sunday Morning Tea Group will be taking a summer break and will resume in September. Scanning an attachment…

The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord celebrates the revelation of Christ’s divine glory on Mount Tabor in Galilee (Matthew 17:1-6; Mark 9:1-8; Luke 9:28-36). After revealing to His disciples that He would be put to death in Jerusalem (Matthew 16:21), Christ, along with Ss. Peter, James, and John, went up the mountain. There, St. Matthew writes, “he was transfigured before them. And his face did shine as the sun: and his garments became white as snow.”

You will have received a copy of Bishop Mark’s Pastoral Letter. It will not be read out during mass to enable you to find a quiet moment at home to read it and then maybe discuss its contents with other members of your family.

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