32nd Sunday of the Year, 10th November 2013 Cycle C


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, Reg. Charity 234025

Fr. Frank Rice;

Revd. Philip White; Revd. Michael Daly phone: 0151 645 3314

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websites: www.stjohnevang.co.uk www.lpa24.org

32nd Sunday of the Year, 10th November 2013 Cycle C


Because the Sadducees believed that this world was all there is, they tried to make a fool of Jesus by asking a question about the afterlife: if a woman had been married seven times, which man would be her husband in heaven?. They didn’t believe there was a hereafter or a final reckoning. Jesus cleverly answers them by calling the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob a God of the living not the dead. Since these patriarchs had died, they must have been raised from the dead to be still living.

There is no marriage in heaven, says Jesus, because things there are not the same as here on earth. We find this hard to understand. In fact, St Paul tells us that no eye has seen and no ear heard what awaits us after death. What we do know is that on one level it will be a continuation of what we have experienced here on earth, yet on another level it will be completely different.

The resurrection will perfect us. It will take all the goodness of God in us and magnify it in a glorious body. At death the human ties that bind us here on earth do not simply unravel. We will not only see God face to face, but all our loved ones who have gone before us and now form the company and the communion of saints.

Lucy was a healthy bounding woman until she was reduced to a vegetative state by a car accident. When I see her again in heaven it will be with the same body in which she died. And I’ll recognise her at once, but everything will now be perfected. She will have a glorious body, now in its eternal potential. Her personality will be at its fullest, and so will her wit, her charm, her tenacity and her love. She will be noble, beautiful, and even regal, because she will be like the risen Jesus.

God did not make us just to destroy us after our short spell on earth. God made us to have a relationship with him for eternity. That’s why we were baptised: for eternal life. And that’s why the thought of death does not paralyse the Christian, for it brings with it the promise and hope of a resurrection to glory with God. For when we are dead, we will be really alive!


Resurrection sustains our faith. Its promise is that there is a meaning and purpose to all we undergo on earth. If Christ did not rise from the dead then our faith is in vain. Because he did rise, our future is eternal.


We shall be raised up by him; whereas for you there can be no resurrection.

(II Maccabees 7:14)

I do not believe in an afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear. (Woody Allen)

If that vital spark that we find in a grain of wheat can pass unchanged through countless deaths and resurrections, will the spirit of man be unable to pass from this body to another? (William Jennings Bryan)

One day you’ll read that Moody is dead. Don’t you believe it, for at that moment I will be more alive than ever before! (D L Moody)

Pope Francis (@Pontifex)

02/11/2013 14.02

The fight against evil is long and difficult. It is essential to pray constantly and to be patient



10th 5.30pm



Elsie Connell


Prayer Meeting

Mon 11th 9.15 Michael Williams
Tues 12th 9.15 Deceased Members

of Sweeney Family

Wed 13th 9.15 Rose Corrigan
Thurs 14th 9.15 Eleanor McGuigan
Friday 15th 9.15 Deceased Members of Moore Family
Saturday 16th 12 Noon Carmelite Mass


17th 5.30pm



Charles Nicholls


Prayer Meeting

Please pray for our sick and those who care for Colette Howes, Barbara Gillespie, Doreen Wrigg, Frances Heslin, Liam Halpen, Teresa McLean, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Kath Holland, Mary Bryden, Josie Toohey, Betty Kennedy, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Christopher & Raymond McNally & Colette Reevey. Angela Dimelow (nee Evans). Remember also those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers.

Please note that Morning Prayer is celebrated 15 minutes before the start of each weekday mass

Money- thank you for your generosity

Offertory: £649.74p

Boiler: £12.45p

Book Sales:

120 Club winners: No: 5 D Kenny £20

£1,400 for Parish Funds raised by Vera through

120 Club. Thanks to her and to all the people who have bought a number.



When the altar bell rings, please honour the 5 minutes silence before the beginning of Mass. Thank you

The list for Fr Frank’s retirement party will close this weekend and we will inform the caterers regarding the numbers involved. Due to the size of the parish centre numbers have to be restricted to regular parishioners and their IMMEDIATE families and regrettably will not extend to family friends and acquaintances. If you are unable to attend, please delete your name from the list asap. ONE NAME PER LINE PLEASE. A tight rein will be placed on the list after the disappearance of the one for the Hawkstone Festive Lunch.

Fr Frank is currently in Hawkstone for the next couple of weekends and several people have expressed the wish to have a collection for him so we can start this weekend during his absence. Please give any donations to the collectors at the back of the church. There will also be a further opportunity next week and possibly the next weekend as well.

Thank you for your donations to the Wirral Foodbank. This is an on-going scheme and so the need for your support is also on-going. We need to support those in our community who need our help. The food bank relies on non-perishable, in date, food donations to feed local people in crisis. The food bank has asked for the following items which they need urgently: 500gms Sugar, UHT/powdered milk, drinking chocolate, tinned custard, tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned fish, instant mash, feminine hygiene items, toiletries. Please place food in the box provided at the back of church. For further information please ring Cecily 0151 645 7645.

Our Parish Christmas Fair will be held on Saturday, 14th December, 11-2pm in the Parish Centre. In the past you have supported, not only the preparation with your donations, but have come along and made the day a really enjoyable event. We would welcome good quality Bric a Brac, Toys, Books, CD’s (not Videos), Raffle Prizes, Bottles for the bottle stall.

Due to the success of the Great British Bake Off there must be many of you out there who have been captured by the baking bug. We would be most grateful for your contributions for the Cake Stall which is very popular. Cakes can be handed in at the Parish Centre on Friday, the eve of the Fair and on the day. We will also be collecting cloths, to be sold by weight, and added to the fair takings. Surplus Christmas Decorations and fairy lights to decorate the Centre would be gratefully received and appreciated. Many thanks to those of you who have already offered to help before and during the event. PLEASE BRING YOUR DONATIONS ONLY TO WEEKEND MASSES AND NOT DURING THE WEEK TO THE PRESBYTERY.

Shrewsbury Catholic Charismatic Renewal will be holding a Conference 14-16th February 2014 at the Friary, Pantasasph, entitled “Be who God meant you to be”. Cost £90. Details Ann Murray 645 5514. Also see poster at back of church.

Bereavement Group Coffee Morning will be held tomorrow, Monday 11th November, 10-11am in the Parish Centre.

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