6th Sunday of Year 16th February 2014. Cycle A.


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, Reg. Charity 234025

Fr Emeka (in residence)

Revd. Philip White; Revd. Michael Daly

phone: 0151 645 3314

email: stjohntheevangelist

websites: www.stjohnevang.co.uk www.lpa24.org

6th Sunday of Year 16th February 2014. Cycle A.


A story is told about Fiorello LaGuardia, who, when he was mayor of New York City during the worst days of the Great Depression and all of WWII, was called by adoring New Yorkers ‘the Little Flower’ because he was only five foot four and always wore a carnation in his lapel. He was a colourful character who used to ride the New York City fire trucks, take entire orphanages to baseball games, and when the New York newspapers were on strike, he would go on the radio and read the Sunday funnies to the kids.

One bitterly cold night in January of 1935, the mayor turned up at a night court that served the poorest ward of the city. LaGuardia dismissed the judge for the evening and took over the bench himself. Within a few minutes, a tattered old woman was brought before him, charged with stealing a loaf of bread. She told LaGuardia that her daughter’s husband had deserted her, her daughter was sick, and her two grandchildren were starving. But the shopkeeper, from whom the bread was stolen, refused to drop the charges. “It’s a real bad neighbourhood, your Honour.” the man told the mayor. “She’s got to be punished to teach other people around here a lesson.” LaGuardia sighed. He turned to the woman and said “I’ve got to punish you. The law makes no exceptions–ten dollars or ten days in jail.”

As he pronounced sentence, the mayor was already reaching into his pocket. He extracted a bill and tossed it into his famous sombrero saying: “Here is the ten dollar fine which I now remit; and furthermore I am going to fine everyone in this courtroom fifty cents for living in a town where a person has to steal bread so that her grandchildren can eat. Mr. Baliff, collect the fines and give them to the defendant.” So the following day the New York City newspapers reported that $47.50 was turned over to a bewildered old lady who had stolen a loaf of bread to feed her starving grandchildren, fifty cents of that amount being contributed by the red-faced grocery store owner, while some seventy petty criminals, people with traffic violations, and New York City policemen, each of whom had just paid fifty cents for the privilege of doing so, gave the mayor a standing ovation.

In this story we see how the mayor of New York City maintains & defends the laws under his jurisdiction, not by merely keeping them himself, but much more than that by showing respect, even to the accused and being compassionate to her and helping her out at the same time.

Word of God

If you wish, you can keep the commandments; to behave faithfully is within your power. He has set fire and water before you; put out your hand to whatever you prefer. Ecclesiasticus.

Word for Today

Reconciliation is more important than sacrifice; the duty to make peace is more urgent than the duty to offer sacrifice to God.

When we see our own record of doing good against the demands of Jesus in the Gospel, we can all come away feeling helpless. Our own efforts look so shabby against the clear unambiguous demands of the larger vision. But Matthew is not writing his Gospel to grind his readers into the dirt or make them feel helpless. He is calling the community of believers to face the vision of Jesus with a willing heart and a ready spirit. None of us can do this alone. That is why we are here, gathered in community, to pray that God will fund our efforts to bring that vision down to earth. (Denis McBride.)

The Pope tweeted on Feb 11 (Our Lady of Lourdes)

‘I greet all those who are sick and suffering. Christ Crucified is with you; cling to him’

CATHOLIC PARLIAMENTARY AND PUBLIC POLICY INTERNSHIPS:For the last eleven years the Catholics Bishops Conference has organised Parliamentary and Public Policy Internships for recently graduated Catholics. This year we are looking to offer 8 internships: Four interns will be placed with Christian MPs at Westminster; one in a parliamentary support role within the Bishops’ Conference Secretariat; one in each of the Catholic Agencies (CAFOD and CSAN) in a public policy role; and one in a media internship in Archbishop’s House Westminster. All internships will run from September 2014 – July 2015 and include accommodation and subsistence allowances.Full details and an application form can be found on our website: interns or posted to: Michaela Kelly, Head of HR, 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1BX. The closing date is 5pm on Wednesday 26th February 2014; the Assessment days will be 1st and 2nd April 2014. If you know anyone who may be interested in this opportunity, please encourage them to apply

6th Sunday of the Year 16th. 5.30pm



Thanksgiving MM


Prayer Meeting

Mon 17th. 9.15 Pat Shyne
Tues 18th 9.15 Michael Brannock
Wed 19th 9.15 Dennis Welch
Thurs 20th. 9.15 Andrew Welch
Friday 21st. 9.15 Maureen Denyer
7th Sunday

of the year

23rd. 5.30pm


7.30 pm.

Dorothy Welch


Prayer Meeting

Please pray for our sick and those who care for Colette Howes, Barbara Gillespie, Doreen Wrigg, Frances Heslin, Liam Halpen, Teresa McLean, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Kath Holland, Mary Bryden, Josie Toohey, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Christopher & Raymond McNally. Remember also those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers.

Please note that Morning Prayer is celebrated 15 minutes before the start of each weekday mass. Rosary commences 5 mins after Morning Mass (when being said)

Money- thank you for your generosity

Offertory: £669 31p

Retired Priests £475 55p (grand total)

Boiler: £8. 70p

Book Sales: £0

120 Club winners:

No:97 M Duffy£ 20

There will be a cake sale by the Mums and Tots Group on Sunday, 23rd Feb in the Parish Centre after the 10am mass to raise money for essential equipment. Go on , it’s not Lent yet, treat yourself to a cake and help a good cause.

There will be no Children’s Liturgy on the next two Sundays, 16th and 23rd February since it is half term.
We are returning at 10 o’clock Mass on Sunday 2nd March and look forward to seeing you all then, together with any new members.
Enjoy the break!

The Children’s Liturgy Group.

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex 8h

Let us pray for all good and faithful priests who dedicate themselves to their people with generosity and unknown sacrifices.

CHAIR OF PETER (February 22nd)

This must be the only feast in the world to be dedicated to a seat! There is a chair of Peter in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It’s a bronze statue whose right foot has been word shiny by millions of pilgrims touching it. But that’s not what today’s feast is all about.

The “chair” of Peter refers to the teaching authority and the focal point of unity that is found in the Bishop of Rome, and today’s feast has been kept since the fourth century.

The word cathedral comes from the Greek word for a chair. It was from his chair that a bishop taught and preached, and when eventually bishops stopped carrying their chairs around they were housed in their cathedrals.

So that’s how we come to have a feast of a chair!


JULY 23/24 – JULY 30/31 2014

Bookings have started to come in for the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes in July such that the plane is well over half full already. Anyone wishing to fly is asked to send their booking form in as soon as possible.

Our greatest need at the moment is for some more nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals to accompany the pilgrimage. Details for medical staff can be found on the pilgrimage website www.shrewsburypilgrimage.co.uk or you can speak with the Matron Nuala Fitzmaurice on the Medical Office no. 07970 943940

Incidentally, did you know that there is a webcam at the grotto? You can see what is going on there any time of the day or night and you can even get a candle lit!

Fairtrade Fortnight will soon be upon us- indeed it starts next weekend, 22nd-9th March. Eileen will be laying out a tempting display of goods for the weekends of 22nd/23rd February and 1st/2nd March. Please do your best to support this worthwhile event. The foodstuffs are wonderful and the jewelry etc is beautifully made and quite unusual. If you need to buy a birthday gift or similar then look no further.

On Friday 7th March at Christ Church Hr. Bebington, Canon Anne Samuels will be the speaker at the Women’s World Day of Prayer. Canon Anne is a wonderful speaker and you are urged to go along if you have the opportunity. Proceeding begin at 2pm. There are further details on the posters which are displayed on our notice boards.

We are starting to think about how we can improve our spiritual lives during Lent. Philip has suggested that we meditate on the Stations of the Cross each Sunday afternoon. We would look closely at perhaps 2 of the stations each week. Joan may also lead the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary using the haunting power point presentations which she has created for all the mysteries of the Rosary. Watch this space.

Sadly, as you may realize, we will not be celebrating our customary Pardon and Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Warn your friends. There are other parishes on the Wirral who have similar services so you will have to get your deerstalkers on Sherlocks!!

We have had a message from Kath Markey requesting that the red Mission boxes for the APF be brought into church during March.

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