18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 3rd August, 2014 Cycle A.


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, Reg. Charity 234025

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18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 3rd August, 2014 Cycle A.


We’re always being asked for things. Maybe it’s a disaster appeal. Perhaps it’s the letter through the door asking for money for cancer research. Or it may just be someone at Church asking for volunteers to give up their time for this and that.

What matters is whether or not we can recognise the need when it presents itself and know how to respond. The gospel speaks about Jesus feeling pity for the hungry crowd in his very guts. His awareness was wall-to-wall because he cared about people. He knew what their deepest needs were, not just their rumbling stomachs.

How do we react when we become aware of a need around us? Do we automatically think that it’s someone else’s problem? Do we offload it onto relief agencies, the local authorities or national government? Do we make the excuse that we are not really in a position to do anything about it? Do we say that our resources are really quite limited in the face of such a huge problem?

If Jesus had answered in this way, protesting that there were only a few loaves and fishes available, there would have been no miracle. But he didn’t.

We cannot measure the effectiveness of our response by our resources for that would be to take God out of the equation. And God is able to take our humble attempts and make them great. To take a basket of food and feed 5000 people. That’s because whenever we make any attempt to do good it’s not really us who are doing the good but God who is working through us. And God is goodness itself, the source of all our goodness and effectiveness, understanding the size of our need and acting through our faith and obedience to his will.

If we allow God to work through us there will always be more than enough since no need can ever be too great for God. That’s why there were twelve baskets of scraps left over when everyone had had their fill.

Who knows how Jesus worked the miracle? Maybe the real miracle was that by listening to his message the people were encouraged to share. And of course this couldn’t have happened if they thought they had nothing to offer.


Listen, listen to me and you will have things to eat and rich food to enjoy. (Isaiah 55: 2)


No food or drink can satisfy us for long. Today Jesus tells us that if we accept his message of eternal life our deepest needs will be met. By eating and drinking his body and blood we become heirs to his immeasurable riches.

The happiness that is genuinely satisfying is accompanied by the fullest exercise of our faculties and the fullest realisation of the world in which we live.

(Bertrand Russell)

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. (Henry Van Dyke)

I have found in life that if you want a miracle you first need to do whatever it is you can do. If that’s to plant, then plant; if it is to read, then read; if it is to change, then change; if it is to study, then study; if it is to work, then work; whatever you have to do. And then you will be well on your way of doing the labour that works miracles. (Jim Rohn)

The Holy Fathers Universal Prayer Intentions for August:

Universal: That refugees, forced by violence to abandon their homes, may find generous welcome and the protection of their rights.

For Evangelisation: That Christians in Oceania may joyfully announce the faith to all the people of that region.

The month of August is dedicated to

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

18th Sunday

In Ord.Time

3rd 5.30pm



Dinny Mahoney Annv.


Prayer Meeting

Mon 4th 9.15 am Fr Martin Riley
Tues 5th 9.15am
Wed Transfiguration of the Lord 6th 9.15am Parishioners
Thurs 7th 9.15am
Friday 8th 9.15am


Dorothy Welch RIP

Holy Hour

Saturday 9th
19th Sunday

In Ord.Time

10th 5.30pm


7.30 pm



Prayer Meeting

Please pray for our sick and those who care for Colette Howes, Doreen Wrigg, Frances Heslin, Liam Halpen, Teresa McLean, Josie Cohen, Peter Williamson, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Hoey, Esther Roche, Fay Challoner, Sheila Stockley, Joan & Charles Reynolds, Kath Holland, Mary Bryden, Josie Toohey, Helen Worth, Christopher Hadfield, Christopher & Raymond McNally, Rachel Mulrooney. Remember also those in the parish who do not wish their illness to be made public but who also need our prayers.

Please note that Morning Prayer is celebrated 15 minutes before the start of each weekday mass. Rosary commences 5 mins after Morning Mass (when said)

Money- thank you for your generosity

Offertory: £500.79

Day for Life Collection £211.72

Boiler: £ 2.00

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120 Club winners: No 106 M Arthur £20

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My sincere apologies for last week’s above calendar dates. No excuses and have put it down to a senior moment

We have received news of the death of Derek McCarthy. His funeral service was held in Landican on Wednesday, 30th July. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this sad time.

You may have noticed our list of mass intentions is running low. Please pass your requests in writing to Joan Hannam/Ann Murray.

When the altar bell rings please honour the 5 minutes silence. It is a time to still ourselves before the celebration of mass begins. Thank you for your co-operation.

ADVANCE NOTICE TO ALL CATECHISTS All the events will be held at St Columba’s, Chester. Further details of times and booking forms will be made available over the summer. While each of the three Catechist Days can stand alone, each day will build on the previous session(s) together building a course, and attendance at all three is recommended.

THREE dates are for new and existing catechists

Saturday, 27th September

Saturday 15th November

Saturday, 6th December

There is also Saturday, 11th October which is an annual day for RCIA Catechists. These days are very worthwhile and can be of great help and encouragement for our catechists who do a great job.

The bookstall has a number of books. Please have a browse and if there is a book you would particularly like, please hand in the details and we will try our best to order it for you

There will be no tea/coffee in the Parish Centre during the month of August.

Please remember your donations to the Foodbank. We need to keep this in mind as we do our weekly shop and if you are able to afford to add just one item to your basked for the Foodbank collection you may be confident that you are helping those people who are struggling at this time. There is a list on the notice board of the items which are particularly needed at the moment. Many thanks for your continued and generous support. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY

There are a number of interesting events on the notice board. Please take a minute to have a look before you leave today.

Esgobaeth Wrecsam – Diocese of Wrexham will be holding a Music Congress – “With Hearts and Minds and Voices” on 6th September, at Glyn Dwr University, Wrexham. Seminar leaders include –

Paul Inwood, Frances Novillo, Philip Duffy & Catherine Christmas, who will deliver practical workshops on; new music for the Mass; vocal technique; the role of the cantor, successful accompaniment of the liturgy, along with a seminar on Making the most of what we have. See Poster on Notice Board. Further details contact: 07908093661 or


Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpful reflection on nextSunday’s readings=

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