Fourth Sunday, 17th April, 2016. Cycle C.


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

Parish priest: Fr Bernard Forshaw (also parish priest of the parish of St Anne, Rock Ferry)

Deacons: Revd Philip White; Revd Michael Daly

Phone: 0151 645 3314



Fourth Sunday, 17th April, 2016. Cycle C.


Today is a day of prayer for vocations, but it’s much more than that. It is about the call God makes to each one of us to care.

There’s an advert on TV which shows an ordinary person washing the feet of an elderly lady. Nothing extraordinary about that. But it goes on to say that if you can do this, you could have a job as a carer.

Strange, isn’t it, that we should need such a thing as institutionalised care? For care is at the heart of the Christian’s vocation. And in a world where looking after your own interests counts as number one, going out of your way for others is considered an optional oddity. Yet we are called to care for each other like Jesus, the Good Shepherd, cares for us.

You and I are called to be a Good Shepherd and there’s no shortage of opportunities, paid and unpaid. Good Shepherds really care about their children, spend time with them and keep supporting them even when they fail. In our schools they are those teachers who are interested in the students more than in their subject, who go that extra mile to bring out the hidden talents of the young people entrusted to them. They are the doctors and nurses in our hospitals who can see beyond the trying circumstances of red tape and bureaucracy to the face of the sick person who stands before them fearful and hurting. Good Shepherds are those countless people in local and national government whose motives spring from a burning desire for the welfare of their communities rather than political fame and fortune. And, of course, there is no shortage of Good Shepherds to be found in those who dedicate their lives as priests or religious for the service of the Gospel.

So Good Shepherd Sunday is not about sheep, grass and mountains. It’s about real life. And while Jesus really is the Good Shepherd, his work requires others to follow in his footsteps. Including you and me; if we care.

St George, Patron Saint of England, Feast Day Saturday, 23rd April.

St George was martyred at Lydda (Israel) around 303 in the persecution of the emperor Diocletian. His cult, which predates the legend of his slaying the dragon, spread quickly through East and West. During the crusades, George was seen to personify the ideals of Christian chivalry, and he was adopted as patron of several city-states and countries


They will never hunger or thirst again…because the Lamb who is at the thronewill be their shepherd…and God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. (Revelation 7:16-17)


The good news for today is that none of us can ever be lost unless we go out of our way to look for the wrong track. The image painted by the scriptures is of a God who shepherds us to where the grass is greener, to a life that has an enduring, eternal quality. Our task is to listen out for the shepherd’s voice.

FOODBANK There is currently a shortage of food in the warehouse and we are sending out a plea to our church supporters for food. We are only asking for the basic items that we need to feed the people who come to us for help. The list includes Tinned vegetables, tinned tomatees, tinned fruit, long grain rice, UHT milk, instant mash, tinned potatoes and rice pudding. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stalland to buy your Catholic Paper.

Fourth Sunday of Easter 17th 5.00pm





Topping Intentions



Monday 18th 9.15am Michael

Casey RIP

Tuesday 19th 8.45am Mary McGhee RIP
Wednesday 20th 9.15am Michael

Devaney RIP

Thursday 21st 9.15am Joan

Reynolds RIP

Friday 22nd 9.15am Eileen

Kealey Anniversary

Saturday 23rd

Sunday of Easter

24th 5.00pm




Corrigan RIP





Please take a copy of Bishop Mark’s Pastoral Letter from the back of Church.

Locally there is a Holy Hour for Vocations at St Anne’s today ( Sunday) from 3.00pm-4.00pm

Children’s Liturgy takes place each Sunday during 9.30am Mass. The children with their catechists process out of Church and into the Day Chapel at the beginning of Mass to share in a liturgy of the word and various activities to suit their age. They return to join their parents and the rest of the congregation in the main church at the offertory.

Confessions Saturday 4.00 – 4.45 pm

Prayer of the Church

15 minutes before daily masses

Please pray for our sick and housebound parishioners and if anyone is in need of a visit/Holy Communion or is going into hospital please let Fr Bernard know.

Money Matters: Offertory £670.55 p Thank you

School News : Our schools reopen at the usual times on Monday after the Spring Break. We welcome year 5 and 6 children from St John’s School to the 9.15am Mass on Thursday. Parents, grandparents and parishioners are of course most welcome. Tea and Coffee is served at the back of Church after Mass.

First Communion:This year’s First Communion Masses will be celebrated on Saturday 14th May with some of the children making their First Communion at the 9.30am Mass and the remainder at the 12 noon Mass (see list on the notice board at the back of Church). Please remember all the children and their families and teachers in your prayers over the next weeks.

The next singing practice will be held on Thursday,

28th April 7pm in the Day Chapel. These are not CHOIR practices but for ANYONE who enjoys SINGING. All welcome.

After the recitation of the Regina Coeli on Sunday, 3rd April, the Holy Father, Pope Francis launched an humanitarian initiative in favour of the people of the Ukraine, in the form of a SPECIAL COLLECTION. Bishop Mark invites us to take this Special Collection in all the parishes of the Dioceses next Sunday, 24th April. Please give generously.

‘ACTS’ Day of Reflection organised by Adult Catholics Together aged 18-35. You are very welcome to come along to a “Day of Reflection” on Saturday 30th April at Wistaston Hall, Crewe. Cost £20 (£15 unemployed/students). The focus of the day will be on Pope Francis’ latest document ‘The Joy of Love’ and will be led by Barbara Davies. The day will start approx. 9.30am until approx. 5pm. If you would like to join us or wish to know more about it, please contact Siobhan at or tel 0161 477 2783 or 07761138947”

Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage

26/27th July-2/3 August.

This year the theme of the Pilgrimage will be “Jesus the Face of the Father’s Mercy”. Booking Forms can be downloaded from the pilgrimage website at or can be obtained from the pilgrimage office at St Alban’s Presbytery, 30 Mill Lane Wallasey.

Tel. 0151 638 1520.

At the moment the pilgrimage committee are particularly looking for doctors, nurses and carers who are willing to work with our medical team in caring to our registered sick pilgrims. If you are interested or know anyone who would like to serve those who need care during the week in Lourdes, please contact the medical office on

07970 943940 or emailing .

May – The Month of Mary. On Sunday

1st May at 3pm, there will be “An Hour With Mary” here at St John’s.

“Our Mission Together …….Thank you for your support so far. Please keep this important Diocesan inititative in your prayers and if you didn‘t complete a Census Form a few weeks ago, please come to the sacristy after Mass today and complete one ….. It is very important that every parish has full and accurate records of its parishioners.

Pentecost 2016 Following consultation with the Parish Pastoral Team last week and listening to the opinions expressed by other parishioners, on Pentecost Sunday there will be a time of prayer in Church from 2pm-5pm. Our prayer will focus on praying nfor a fresh outpouring of nthe Holy Spirit upon our Parish, the local community and the wider world.

The Annual Diocesan Day for Catechists will be on Saturday 11th June in Ellesmere Port Catholic High School. The theme is: ‘Resources: What do we have? What do we need?’ Mr Fergal Martin, Head of the Catholic Truth Society, will present its aims, work and publications, followed by group discussion and general feedback. Further details will follow. Registration, please, by Friday 3rd June with helen.jones.

The free standing board at the back of church is there as a visual aid with posters and wordings relating to the Liturgical Seasons and the theme of the Sunday Readings. Please do not place posters on this board. If you have any posters you would like displayed, please leave them on top of the box marked “Posters for Display” and they will be placed on the appropriate section of the Main Notice Boards. Thank you for your co-operation.

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