11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 12th June, 2016. Cycle C


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

Parish priest: Fr Bernard Forshaw (also parish priest of the parish of St Anne, Rock Ferry)

Deacons: Revd Philip White; Revd Michael Daly

Phone: 0151 645 3314



11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 12th June, 2016. Cycle C


They say that personal debt is spiralling out of control and that credit card spending is the only thing keeping many people’s heads above water. For the moment, that is. The time will come when the Annual Percentage Rate will come and claim its spendthrift victims, whether they pay by one convenient monthly lump sum or not!

We’re not stupid. We all know that if we spend on account, we’ll have to repay it sooner or later, and there’ll be that extra bit on top. The only thing you get for nothing in this life is trouble. Maybe that’s why the gospel of forgiveness sounds so strangely even in a Christian’s ears. For forgiveness is a grace that is given free. The only down payment is true sorrow and then there are no monthly repayments, ever. The APR is zero.

And so it is today that King David is caught out. He has committed adultery and premeditated murder. What’s his sentence? “The Lord forgives your sin; you are not to die.” And the woman whose reputation went before her, what happened to her? Jesus simply said, “Your sins are forgiven; your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

What it took for David and the woman to be forgiven was for them both to admit their guilt and show a willingness to change. They made no excuses. They didn’t try to deny anything. They were just honest before God. And God was his normal self towards them. Faced with repentance God always forgives, unconditionally.

Because we’re brought up in a hard world where you can’t get anything for nothing, the concept of forgiveness disturbs us. We talk about “cheating justice”, about “going scot-free”, about being “let off” or “leaving the debt unpaid”.

Of course, the debt of our sin has been paid. Jesus wiped it out for us on Calvary. But that debt wasn’t wiped out so that we can go straight out and build up another one. Forgiveness gets us back on a firm footing so that we can move forward with a greater sense of security. That’s why, to every sinner in the full flush of forgiveness, Jesus says, “Your sins have been forgiven; go and sin no more.” Or perhaps, “Your debt has been wiped out. Isn’t it time you cut up your credit card?”

Prayer for the Queen on the occasion of her 90th Birthday

V. O Lord, save Elizabeth, our Queen.

R. And hear us on the day we call upon you.

V. O Lord, hear our prayer

R. And let my cry come before you.

V. The Lord be with you.

R. And with your Spirit.

Let us pray

Almighty God, we pray, that your servant Elizabeth, our Queen, who, by your providence has received the governance of this realm, may continue to grow in every virtue, that, imbued with your heavenly grace, she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil and, being blessed with your favour may, with her consort and the royal family, come at last into your presence , through Christ who is the way, the truth and the life and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

FOODBANK:. Can we concentrate please on bringing items from the folllowing list for a couple of weeks. Obviously ANY foodstuffs will be welcomed. Thank you. Items most in need: Pasta, pasta sauce, long grain rice, instant/tinned potatoes, rice pudding and biscuits which are all in short supply. Please see list on the notice board at the back of church. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stall and to buy your Catholic Paper.

Northern Catholic Conference will be held at Liverpool Hope University NEXT WEEKEND 17th-18th June. Theme: Blessed are the Merciful; they have mercy shown them”. There are a number of key speakers, including Fr Denis McBride. Children’s Ministry available for 7-10 year age group and Youth Ministry 11-16 years. Further details from Regina Coeli 07543800812 (Denise) email: See Poster on Notice Board at back of church.

Eleventh Sunday in Ord Time 12th 5.00pm



Dorothy Welch RIP


Prayer Meeting

Monday 13th 9.15am John Higgins RIP
Wednesday 15th 9.15am Carmel Group Intentions
Thursday 16th 9.15am Barbara Lancelot Ints
Friday 17th 9.15am Fr Hugh Birdwhistle RIP
Saturday 18th

Sunday in Ord Time

19th 5.00pm



Rose Corrigan Annv


Prayer Meeting

Children’s Liturgy takes place each Sunday during 9.30am Mass. The children with their catechists process out of Church and into the Day Chapel at the beginning of Mass to share in a liturgy of the word and various activities to suit their age. They return to join their parents and the rest of the congregation in the main church at the offertory.
Confessions Saturday 4.00 – 4.45 pm
Morning Prayer of the Church 15 minutes before daily masses

Please pray for our sick and housebound parishioners and if anyone is in need of a visit/Holy Communion or is going into hospital please let

Fr Bernard know.

Money Matters: Offertory. £653.64p

Dance Money £234.00p

Thank you for your generosity to the parish.

St John’s Altar Servers will be taking part in the Wirral Coastal Walk this Sunday 12th June in aid of Claire House and to support their Guild Funds. Please be generous when they ask you to sponsor them.

The Annual Novena to Our Lady of the Perpetual Succour will be held here at St John’s beginning on Sunday 19th June with a Holy Hour from 3pm to 4pm and concludes with the 9.15am Feast Day Mass on Monday, 27th June.


Sunday 19th June Holy Hour 3-4pm
Monday 20th June After 9.15am Mass
Tuesday 21st June 6.30pm
Wednesday 22nd June After 9.15am Mass
Thursday 23rd June After 9.15am Mass
Friday 24th June After 9.15am Mass
Saturday 25th June After 9.15am Mass
Sunday 26th June 3pm
Monday 27th June After Feast Day 9.15am Mass

“Our Mission Together ……Fr Bernard will be speaking about this new initiative at our Masses this weekend. He is fully committed to the Our Mission Together initiative both personally (he has made a pledge) and pastorally and invites you all to share in his commitment in making it a success story here at St John’s. The Diocesan Mission Together team established a goal of £85,000 for St John’s.. to be raised in pledges by the end of June. Fr Bernard has been overwhelmed by the generosity to date with over £78,000 having been pledged already. Many, many thanks.

For those who have agreed to it, it is hoped that a member of our Parish Mission Together Team will be in contact with you by phone to respectfully ask you to consider supporting. They will be phoning you on Fr Bernard’s behalf and he asks you to con sider what they have to say and to respond generously. If you do not receive a phone call there will be volunteers and information packs including pledge forms available at both Masses next weekend.

Fr Bernard is deeply grateful for your support to date and asks you to pray for the success of “Our Mission Together” here at St John’s.

There is Tea/Coffee & Biscuits for everyone in the Parish Centre every Sunday after 9.30am Mass. Why not join us and get to know your fellow parishioners a little better. If you are willing to lend a hand and join the Sunday Tea/Coffee rota, please let Noelene Evans or Fr Bernard know.

Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage

26/27th July-2/3 August.

This year the theme of the Pilgrimage will be “Jesus the Face of the Father’s Mercy”. Booking Forms can be downloaded from the pilgrimagewebsite atwww.shrewsburypilgrimage.co.ukor can be obtained from the pilgrimage office at St Alban’s Presbytery, 30 Mill Lane Wallasey. Tel. 0151 638 1520

Year of Mercy visit to Shrewsbury Cathedral: Tuesday 14th June.

The coach leaves from outside St Anne’s Church on Highfield Road at 9.00am and from outside St John’s Church at 9.15am. The day will include passing through the Cathedral’s Holy Door at 11am followed by an opportunity to look around the Cathedral/celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation and participate in the 12.15pm Mass. After Mass people will be free to go into Shrewsbury to do some shopping/visit some of the other attractions etc. You could bring your own packed lunch or take advantage of the many places to eat in Shrewsbury.

We will return to the Cathedral to end our day with a Holy Hour at 5.30pm returning to St John’s/St Anne’s around 7.30pm.

The Bereavement Group will be holding their annual memorial service on Thursday, 14th July at 7.30pm. Invitations have been sent to bereaved families. We invite you to come along and support those members of our parish family who are coming to terms with the loss of their loved ones. The service will include scripture readings, poetry and hymns, followed by light refreshments.

The next singing practice will be on Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm in the Day Chapel. These are not CHOIR practices but for ANYONE who enjoys SINGING. All welcome.

On Friday, 24th June 3-6pm St John’s School will be holding a Summer Fair. Noelene Evans will be manning a cake stall and would be grateful for contributions of cakes, fruit pies, fruit loaves etc. So come on all you budding Mary Berrys and let’s get cooking. Contributions to the cake stall can be dropped off at the Presbytery or the school on the day of the fair and notbefore please.Many thanks

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