16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 17th July, 2016. Cycle C


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

Parish priest: Fr Bernard Forshaw (also parish priest of the parish of St Anne, Rock Ferry)

Deacons: Revd Philip White; Revd Michael Daly

Phone: 0151 645 3314

Email: stjohntheevangelist

Websites: www.stjohnevang.co.uk www.lpa24.org

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 17th July, 2016. Cycle C


Imagine that you and your husband or wife are in your eighties and are told you are going to have a baby. And this is because you showed hospitality to three strangers. That’s what happened to Abraham and Sarah: Isaac was born.

A similar situation arises with Martha and Mary who are playing host to Jesus. Martha moans that Mary is sitting around while she has to do all the work. Yet Jesus praises Mary for being a good host and says that she is the one who will benefit from what she has done.

It’s easy to polarise Martha and Mary and make it a straight fight between activity and rest, work and contemplation. But this misses the point.

When we have visitors for a meal there is no point in sitting around chatting if we haven’t prepared the food. But nor would we want to sit people down to eat as soon as they knock on the door. A good host knows how to set guests at ease, to make them comfortable, to let them settle down, get things off their chest and relax.

In our Christian lives we need the balance between Martha and Mary. If the Church were just a talking-shop then nothing would ever get done and we would all be hypocrites. Yet if we just rushed around incessantly organising fundraisers and holding special services then we would soon run out of steam and probably out of motive.

We must never be so taken up with the work of the Lord that we forget the Lord of the work. Our work as Christians is to serve others in order to serve God. This means that the people we meet are given to us by God as occasions for seeing his face. If we are to respond to God in others then we need to cultivate the habit of talking to God, of trying to discern God’s voice in our work, our family, our socialising. What Martha shows us today is that we can become bound up with our “doing” to the extent that we never really meet God in the things that we are doing.

God is alive and well and will be offering you the chance to play host to him several times in the coming week. Will you have the nous to sit, to listen and to relax with him?


It is Mary who has chosen the better part; it is not to be taken from her. (Luke 10: 42)


Have we become so busy in our lives that we have forgotten how to listen to others? Mary knew how to slow down and make Jesus at home in her house. In our comings and goings do we ever take the time just to sit and listen to Jesus and to talk to him?

FOODBANK We are looking for some more volunteers to join Bill, Jaqui and myself on the rota to take our donated food to the Wirral Foodbank Depot. If you are free on a Monday morning and want to be part of our team, phone Cecily on 645 7645.

URGENTLY NEEDED GOODS:- Pasta, pasta sauce, instant/tinned potatoes, custard and biscuits, feminine hygiene products and toilet rolls. Please see list on the notice board at the back of church. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

We try as far as possible to allocate mass intentions on days requested. This is not always possible and we will place your mass intention to the nearest available day. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone and apologise if we are not able to fulfil your wishes.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stall and to buy your Catholic Paper.


Sunday in Ord Time

17th 5.00pm



Frances Youell Annv


Prayer Meeting

Monday 18th 9.15am Cyril Bradley RIP
Tuesday 19th 9.15am Tony Burns RIP
Wednesday 20th 9.15am


In St John’s Junior School

Cath Ryan Intentions

Funeral Service –

Stephen McLean

Thursday 21st 9.15am Service of Word & Communion
Friday 22nd 9.15am Cyriac Chandy RIP
Saturday 23rd

Sunday in Ord Time

24th 5.00pm



Fr Jack McLeish RIP

Tim Delaney Annv RIP

Prayer Meeting


Children’s Liturgy takes place each Sunday during 9.30am Mass. The children with their catechists process out of Church and into the Day Chapel at the beginning of Mass to share in a liturgy of the word and various activities to suit their age. They return to join their parents and the rest of the congregation in the main church at the offertory.

Confessions Saturday 4.00 – 4.45 pm
Morning Prayer of the Church 15 minutes before daily masses

Please pray for our sick and housebound parishioners and if anyone is in need of a visit/Holy Communion or is going into hospital please let Fr Bernard know.

Money Matters: Offertory £596.73p

Thank you for your generosity to the parish.

Weddings: If you intend entering into Marriage here at St John’s in 2017 and have not already been in touch, please phone 645 3314 to book your date etc or talk to us after weekend Masses.

Lately Dead: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Stephen McLean whose Funeral Service will be held here at St John’s on Wednesday, 20th July at 12 Noon. Your prayers are also asked for the repose of the soul of Jim Jones who died in the hospice during the week. Funeral arrangements to be confirmed. May they rest in peace.

Thank you to Deacon Mike and to the members of the Bereavement Group for arranging a lovely service last Thursday evening and thank you to the individuals and families who came to remember their loved one and the recently deceased of St John’s Parish.

Please say a prayer for all those who lost their lives or were injured in the terrorist attack in Nice last week

Intercessory Prayer: If you are interested in being part of an intercessory prayer group….. praying for the Church and our world particularly at this time, please contact Gerry Topping Tel No 0151 645 1510

Proposed alterations and improvements to the inside of our Church On behalf of the volunteers involved and myself, thank you to everyone who have given generously to “Our Mission Together”. We have raised an amazing £100,000 in

St John’s Parish.

Pledges received from the seven pilot parishes are already enabling the following to happen:

The establishment of a Caritas agency in the Diocese and planning for the first-drop centre to be opened in Wythenshawe in the Autumn.

Applications for a part time Welfare Officer for Sick and Retired Clergy have been received with interviews in the next two weeks.

The recruitment of a Diocesan Youth Team will begin in September.

All this, in addition to our local parish project which is already underway.

The Sanctuary Windows are being restored (last ones to be put in over the next two weeks)

We had a very constructive Open Parish Meeting (a copy of the minutes is on the notice board at the back of Church) with Diocesan Representatives on Tuesday 28th June to discuss the re-ordering, re-painting and re-carpeting of the Church. If anyone is still considering pledging or wishes to find out more then there are some packs and return boxes at the back of church. There are also some Mission Together prayer cards for you to take away.

A copy of the plans of the proposed alterations is on the board at the back of Church. Any comments/suggestions can be emailed to stjohntheevangelist

or sent to Peter O’Brien, the Diocesan Property Manager, at the Curial Offices in Birkenhead Tel 0151 652 9855


As our schools finish this coming week for their summer break, we wish our students a great holiday and good weather, coming back refreshed and enthusiastic for the start of a new school term in September. We also think of those anxiously awaiting their exam results.

This year’s LPA Confirmation Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Mark at

St Anne’s Rock Ferry in November….. If you will be in Year 8 or above in September and wish to be confirmed, please have a word with Fr Bernard over the next few weeks.

Interested in the Catholic Faith.

If you know of any non-Catholics connected with/living in St John’s Parish who would be interested to learn more about the Catholic Faith, please let us know . We hope to reconvene the local RCIA group in the Autumn.

The next singing practice will be this Thursday 21st July at 7.30pm in the Day Chapel. These are not CHOIR practices but for ANYONE who enjoys SINGING. All welcome.

A list of dates and tutors for the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies from September 2016 to June 2017 is displayed on the notice board at the back of church. There may be parishioners who would like to just follow the course without writing the essays and obtaining the Certificate. This year there will be 2 modules before Christmas and one after, rather than the other way round. The course ill start on 10th September which is earlier than usual. The Diocese is advertising a number of job opportunities based at the Curial Offices. Please see the Diocesan websitewww.dioceseofshrewsbury.org or local press for details or telephone

0151 652 9855 and ask for Pauline McCulloch.

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