The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


St John the Evangelist

New Ferry, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

Parish priest: Fr Bernard Forshaw (also parish priest of the parish of St Anne, Rock Ferry)

Deacons: Revd Philip White; Revd Michael Daly

Phone: 0151 645 3314

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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Assumption is Mary’s feast of feasts. It takes all of her achievements, all of her sorrows and triumphs, and celebrates them in one liturgy of victory.

The woman we see in the Assumption is the model disciple, the pattern for our response to God in faith. Early on in her life we have already met the woman who is confused by the angel’s announcement, shamed by the response to her pregnancy and traumatised by having to flee for her life and that of her Son and husband.

What we find in Mary is a woman who is always anxious for the world to see her Son, a proud mother who wants others to rejoice in Jesus. And so it is that she goes off to compare notes with her cousin Elizabeth…to delight in showing the child to the shepherds at Bethlehem…to accept the gifts that the Magi present to her new-born baby…to tell the guests at the Cana wedding that there is something special about her Son…

And when the going gets tough we glimpse a strength of character that does not give up in adversity. Mary stands by her Son when his audience think he has gone mad; she stands by the foot of his cross as he is executed on Calvary; she joins in solidarity with the disciples after the resurrection and is present with them on the first Pentecost.

Yet we need to go back even further to the nine months before her own birth, to her Immaculate Conception when she was conceived free from original sin, free from the stain that tarnishes every other human being. Specially chosen by God to bear God’s Son, her life was to be a pattern and model of faith.

The Assumption proclaims that Jesus’ promise to us of eternal life, of sharing in the resurrection of the body and being glorified has already been anticipated in Mary because of her exceptional circumstances. Where she has gone we hope to follow.

Mary offers us hope and moves us by example and prayer to grow in God’s grace, to be receptive to God’s will, to convert our lives through sacrifice and penance, and to seek that everlasting union in heaven that she already enjoys.

This year’s LPA Confirmation Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Mark at St Anne’s Rock Ferry on Wednesday, 23rd November at 7.00pm ….. If you will be in Year 8 or above in September and wish to be confirmed, please have a word with Fr Bernard over the next few weeks.

Intercessory Prayer: If you are interested in being part of an intercessory prayer group….. praying for the Church and our world particularly at this time, please contact Gerry Topping Tel No 0151 645 1510


A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, adorned with the sun, standing on the moon, and with the twelve stars on her head for a crown. (Apocalypse 12:1)


We honour Mary because she was one of us, though infinitely more privileged in bearing God’s own Son. Mary stands as the model of the Church and on the feast of her Assumption we rejoice that where she has gone we hope to follow.

FOODBANK Did you know during April and June 2016 we fed & supported 2568 people, which included 801 children. 7.46kg will feed & support a single person for 3 days. 20.64kg will feed & support a family of 2 adults & 2 children for 3 days. For every £10 donated we can feed & support a single person for 3 days & for £25 we can feed & support a family of 2 adults & 2 children for 3 days.


URGENTLY NEEDED GOODS:-Please see list on the notice board at the back of church.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stall and to buy your Catholic Paper.

The Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary 14th 5.00pm




Emma Rooke Ints

Prayer Meeting

Monday 15th 9.15am Cyril Bradley RIP
Tuesday 16th 9.15am Nicola Smith RIP
Wednesday 17th 9.15am All students awaiting exam results tomorrow.
Thursday 18th 9.15am Fr Jack McLeish
Friday 19th 9.15am Joan Anton Ints
Saturday 20th
Twenty First Sunday in Ord Time 21st 5.00pm



Ints Fr Frank Rice (Birthday)

Jim Jones RIP

Prayer Meeting

Confessions Saturday 4.00 – 4.45 pm
Morning Prayer of the Church 15 minutes before daily masses

Please pray for our sick and housebound parishioners and if anyone is in need of a visit/Holy Communion or is going into hospital please let Fr Bernard know.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Catherine Elizabeth Bridgette who died on Tuesday. Funeral Service at St John’s on Tuesday 23rd August at 10.00am.

May she and all the faithful departed rest in peace.

“We ask your prayers please for Hannah Storer and Andrew Johnson who are being married here next Saturday at 1.30pm. We pray God’s blessings upon them and wish them every happiness in their future life together.”

If you intend entering into Marriage at

St John’s in 2017/2018 and have not already been in touch, please phone 645 3314 to book your date or talk to Fr Bernard or Deacon Mike after weekend Masses.

Money Matters: Offertory £566.88

Thank you for your generosity to the parish.

Year of Mercy visit to Pantasaph

The Wirral Knights of St Columba invite you to join them for their Annual Day of Recollection in the beautiful surroundings of the Franciscan Friary at Pantasaph in North Wales on

Monday 12th September. Please bring a packed lunch, Tea and Coffee provided. The coach leaves from outside St Anne’s Church at 9.15am and returns around 6.00pm.

Details and bookings from Bernard McGuigan Tel 645 7929 / bmcguigan51 or Tony Patton Tel 645 9934 / a.paton260

Diocese of Shrewsbury Lourdes Hospitality members are cordially invited to the Annual General Meeting which will be held on Sunday 4th September at 2.00pm in St Wilfred’s Parish Hall, Witton Street, Northwich CW9 5NP. For further details please contact Kath Emsley via email at kathemsley

“Please keep all young people in your prayers, especially those from our parish here at St John’s , as they anxiously await their A level results which are due out next Thursday, 18th August. Let us hope they receive the grades they need to pursue their future aspirations and dreams.”

If you know of any non-Catholics connected with/living in St John’s Parish who would be interested to learn more about the Catholic Faith, please let us know. We hope to reconvene the local RCIA group in the Autumn.

A list of dates and tutors for the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies from September 2016 to June 2017 is displayed on the notice board at the back of church. There may be parishioners who would like to just follow the course without writing the essays and obtaining the Certificate. This year there will be 2 modules before Christmas and one after, rather than the other way round. The course will start on 10th September which is earlier than usual.

“Our Mission Together”

Up to this weekend here at St John’s 51 gifts have been received totaling £103,395.

45 direct debits are now being processed every month.

42 parishioners are declaring Gift Aid on their pledge. To date 28% of the parish has pledged towards this exciting new initiative and for those who haven’t yet pledged, there are some information packs and pledge forms on the table at the back of Church. I do hope and pray that with some more parishioners pledging this month we will reach our challenge goal of £115,000 !

A copy of the proposed alterations and improvements to the inside of our Church are on the notice board for everyone to take a look at. Now that the replacement and cleaning of the windows behind the altar has been completed we hope to begin more work from the Our Mission Together fund shortly.

I will keep you informed of ongoing developments or you can check the diocesan website


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