31st Sunday in Ordinary Time


St John the Evangelist

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Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

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Extract from Seasons of the Word by Fr Denis McBride

We all have our own images of God. Sometimes people imagine God as the great

accountant who keeps exact records of everyone’s wrongdoing. This man-in-a-suit God preserves the details of our failings on computer; nothing escapes his attention, nothing is overlooked by him. Given what he sees, he regards his handiwork in creation with omnipotent disapproval, and he waits for the last day when he can confront us with the punishing record of our sin. This depiction of God is a world away from the image of God presented in today’s first reading, which comes from the book of Wisdom.

In this radical understanding God is celebrated as the great lover of life who abhors nothing in God’s creation and who conserves everything with a spirit of mercy. Out of this commitment to showing mercy God deals with sinners; God “overlooks men’s sin so that they can repent”. The sequence is important: first, God overlooks sin; after that, repentance is expected. The sequence underlines the difference between the way God forgives and the way we forgive: we demand repentance first, then we overlook the wrong. Unlike us, God is a professional artist at forgiving. God’s alertness to sin does not mean that God stays with it, transfixed by human wrongdoing; God overlooks it, hoping that this generosity of spirit will lead sinners to repentance.

This attitude to sinners is evident in today’s Gospel, when we see how Jesus treats Zacchaeus. Although his occupation made him rich, it would have made him an obvious target for the hatred of his fellow Jews. Tax collectors were put in the same company as thieves, murderers and prostitutes, and because they were employed by the Romans, they were regarded as traitors by their own people.

Jesus invites him to come down from the tree. “Hurry because I must stay at your house today”. Jesus does not demand repentance from Zacchaeus before eating with him. The sequence is important: Jesus overlooks the wrongdoing of Zacchaeus in the hope he will repent. Because of Jesus’ attitude to sinners in welcoming them and eating with them, Jesus gives them the opportunity of repentance in an atmosphere of acceptance. That is why Zacchaeus comes down from the tree to face Jesus. That is why we will all come down from our lonely perches to face the one who loves us and wants us to repent.

ALL SAINTS (November 1st)

Father of all, you have given the saints in heaven eternal happiness and they now live in the fullness of your glory. Because of their holy love for you, they also care about me and my family, my friends, my church and my neighbours. Thank you for the gift of their friendship and the witness of their holy lives. I ask our patron saints and every saint who has become especially so dear to me to intercede for us. I ask them to help us journey safely on the narrow path that leads to heaven. O Lord, give us their protection. Grant us their assistance in overcoming temptation and gaining the fullness of life with you. Amen

ALL SOULS (November, 2nd)

All Souls Day is the last day of the Triduum (a three-day celebration) of commemoration of the dead dating back to pre-Christian eras.

On this day, the Church remembers all of the faithful departed who died peaceable deaths with the expectation of Christ’s promises of eternal life. These were ordinary people, who were not given the status of sainthood by the Church, but were nevertheless saintly communicants. Today, all Christians are reckoned as saints, a concept referred to as the Communion of Saints.

In the Latin world, All Souls Days is known as the Day of the Dead. On this day, families are reunited in the cemeteries where their ancestors are buried. During these family reunions, they decorate their ancestors’ tombs and hold parties that begin in the afternoon and continue on into the evening. These are not morbid celebrations, as one might expect, but very happy and positive occasions that are intended to bring back happy memories of the ancestors who are very much included in the celebrations.

May the Lord our God free us from all anxiety and strengthen our hearts to serve him in humility so that recognising God’s goodness and grace in our lives we may be exalted to share his glory.

Faith Talks. A series of talks to explore matters relating to our faith will be held at Christ the King in Bromborough over the coming months.

Faith Talk 2: Led by Fr David Roberts:

“Communicating the Faith” will take place at Christ the King Parish Centre on Thursday 24th November from 7.00pm-9.00pm. Everyone is most welcome.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stall and to buy your Catholic Paper.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letterbox by

12 noon on Thursdays. This will help Louise, Ann & I greatly.

Many thanks.

Remember Summer time finishes tonight SATURDAY.

The clocks go back 1 hour


31st Sunday in Ord Time 30th 5.00pm




John Corrigan RIP

Prayer Meeting

Monday 31st 9.15am Service of Word & Communion
All Saints 1st 7.15am

12 Noon



Intentions of LPA 24

Fr Jack McLeish RIP

Mass in St John’ School

Mass at St Anne’s

All Souls 2nd 9.15am Deceased Members of the Parish
Thursday 3rd 9.15am John & Margaret Kelly Annv RIP
Friday 4th 9.15am Catherine Bridgette RIP
Saturday 5th
32nd Sunday in Ord Time 6th 5.00pm



Ruth Hegarty Intentions


Prayer Meeting

Confessions Saturday 4.15 – 4.45 pm
Morning Prayer of the Church 15 minutes before daily masses

November is the Month of Remembrance

This Tuesday – All Saints – A Holyday of Obligation.

Masses as listed above.

This Thursday – All Soul’s Day – Mass at 9.15am

(at St Anne’s at 7.30pm)

This year’s Annual Remembrance Mass will be celebrated here at St John’s on Thursday, 10th November at 7pm. Invitations have been sent to those families who have lost relatives during the past year. Please join them to remember and celebrate the lives of all those who have died.

British Legion Poppies are now available at the back of Church.

Money Matters: Offertory £593.34p Thank you for your generous giving.

Tea/Coffee & Biscuits are also available in the Parish Centre after 9.30am Mass each Sunday.

Schools re-open this week after half term break. Both the Junior school and the Infant school will celebrate Remembrance Masses and Advent Masses in Church during the coming half term. Please read the bulletin each week for details.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Foundation Governor at one of our Parish Schools please let

Fr Bernard know

Confirmation 2016

This year’s LPA Confirmation Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Mark at St Anne’s, Rock Ferry on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.00pm. Please keep all candidates and their families in your prayers. Meetings for candidates and catechists resume on Friday at 6.30pm in the Parish Centre.

Upton Hall Convent Mass Saturday 5th November at 2.30pm in the Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool. A Mass to celebrate Catholic Education and pray for members of the present school community. Everyone associated with Upton Hall School and Holt Hill Convent is warmly welcome.

DAY OF REFLECTION: ADVENT What is the reason for the season: Are we missing anything? Come and find out at an LPA Day of Reflection led by Dr Marion Tolley… an excellent speaker, who brings the scriptures alive for today. To be held at St Anne’s Parish Centre, Rock Ferry on Saturday

12th November at 10-00am-3.30pm. (drinks provided, please bring a packed lunch). This event is for all our four LPA Parishes. Please sign the list on the notice board at the back of Church if you intend to attend

Three helpers are needed for Children’s Liturgy to assist the Leaders on a rota basis of one in four weeks. No experience is needed as full training will be given. Please see Fr Bernard or ring Jacqueline on

0151 201 6227.

St John’s Sunday Strollers… The next stroll will be next Sunday 6th November at 2pm. More information isavailable from Maria Fryer.

“Our Mission Together”

As your commitment to

St John’s bears fruit, McQuillan’s have almost completed the electrical work in Church and we have new notice boards at the front of the Church and by the Day Chapel door. Work on the leaded light windows at the front of the Church is next on the agenda and then other improvements will follow some before Christmas others afterwards. Grateful thanks for your continued generosity which makes these improvements possible.

Calling all Grandparents. Following the recent Mass at St Joseph’s in Birkenhead celebrated by Bishop Mark, we are thinking of establishing a Grandparent’s Association in this Local Pastoral Area to be a vehicle of prayer and to offer mutual support to one another. If you are interested in what we hope will become a regular monthly meeting, please come to an initial meeting in the Day Chapel on Thursday evening at 7.00pm.

St John’s One World Group is having a Family Bingo on Saturday,

19th November at 7pm, in the Parish Centre. Please keep this date free. Raising money is important but socialising with our fellow parishioners is also important. If anyone is uneasy about coming out in the dark, please let me know and we can organize lifts. Donations for prizes are always welcome. Thank you Cecily 645 7645.


Thank you for your continued if anyone is free in the mornings and would like to be on the rota, please let me know as great as ever. Please see the list of urgently needed goods on the notice board at the back of Church. Urgently required goods include biscuits, sponge pudding, sugar, squash and deodorant.

Traidcraft stall will be displaying their goods next weekend 5/6th November. Why not have a good browse and you may pick up some Christmas gifts along with a great variety of Christmas cards.


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