The First Sunday of Advent 27th November 2016. Cycle A


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The First Sunday of Advent 27th November 2016. Cycle A


Cinemas used to show films continuously. You went in at any time and began to watch wherever the film was up to. You stayed when it was over and then watched it again up to the point where you originally started to view. “This is where we came in” was a phrase often heard as people got up in the middle of a film and left. There’s a danger that we can do the same thing with the Church’s calendar and liturgy. We can think of it as a series of historic events that we simply commemorate on a twelve-monthly cycle. And so once more we’re back at the beginning, singing our Advent hymns and songs again. But liturgy is not about the past unless that past links us to the present and readies us for our future destiny. Liturgy actuates the presence of Christ. In other words, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church’s worship makes Christ present here and now and makes his demands and challenges something that we have to respond to by a conscious decision to follow him or not. Liturgy is not history-gazing but history-making. And the history it makes is ours.

Although Jesus’s words were originally addressed to a first century audience, when they are proclaimed at today’s Eucharist they are aimed at us. For in the liturgy God continues to speak through the words of scripture, and when Jesus warns us to stay awake and ready for the coming of the Son of Man, he means now. Advent offers us the chance to join the cycle again, but as if we have only just come in. There is nothing to re-enact, only commitment to undertake. Rather than watching the film once more, where we know what the ending is, we open ourselves to the newness of God’s daily call and we ratify our commitment to seek him in whatever circumstances his challenge will come to us during Advent and the coming year.

So celebrating Advent is not trawling through history. It’s yearning for our saviour’s coming among us so much that we want to be ready to greet him. Our prayers and music are just the outward expression of inner longing: Come, Lord Jesus, come!


At the start of the Church’s New Year we prepare to meet our saviour. This is not simply a re-enactment of some 2000 year-old drama, but an invitation to renew ourselves in mind and heart as we seek afresh to find God in the ups and downs of our daily lives.


They will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles. Nation will not lift sword against nation, and there will be no more training for war. (Isaiah 2:4)

A local charity called Merseyaid are collecting clothing and household goods to send to Lebanon and for refugees coming to our area.

Anything you want to donate will be put to good use. A box will be provided at the back of church and emptied weekly.

As Christians we are called to look after those less fortunate than ourselves.


Thank you for your continued support .If anyone is free on Monday or Tuesday mornings and would like to go on the rota to take our collected goods down to the warehouse in Birkenhead, please let us know. Please see the list of urgently needed goods on the notice board at the back of Church. Urgently required goods include biscuits, sponge pudding, sugar, squash and deodorant.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpfulreflection on next Sunday’s readings and do not forget to take a look at the Church Notice Boards giving details of other events and happenings and to look at the Book Stall and to buy your Catholic Paper.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letterbox by

12 noon on Thursdays. This will help Louise, Ann & I greatly.

Many thanks.

Please take a look at the notice boards at the back of church for other events and happenings here and elsewhere between now and Christmas.


1st Sunday of Advent 27th 5.00pm




Relatives & friends of McGree Family


Holy Hour

Prayer Meeting

Monday 28th 9.15am Advent Mass Year 3&4

Relatives & friends of Bell & Nugent Families

Tuesday 29th 9.15am Advent Mass Year 2

Relatives & friends of Brannon & Kenny Families

Wednesday 30th 9.15am Kate & James Kennedy RIP
Thursday 1st



12 Noon

Father Nick Kern Ints

Funeral Mass

Seamus O’Rourke

Friday 2nd 9.15am Tony Keegan RIP
Saturday 3rd
2nd Sunday of Advent 4th 5.00pm




Sr Mary McDonovan Anniv RIP

Jamie Armstrong RIP


Prayer Meeting


This Sunday’s 9.30 Mass is the Mass of Enrolment for our Year 3 children at St John’s School who are preparing for the Sacraments of First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion. Please keep them in your prayers.

Confessions Saturday 4.15 – 4.45 pm
Morning Prayer of the Church 15 minutes before daily masses

Lately Dead- Please pray for the repose of the soul of Seamus O’Rourke whose Funeral Mass is here at St John’s at 12noon on Thursday. May he and all the faithful departed Rest In Peace.

Prayers for the Sick.

Please remember all our sick and housebound parishioners in your prayers. If anyone is in need of a visit/ Holy Communion this Advent please let us know.

Confirmation 2016

Congratulations to our young people who were confirmed last Tuesday at St Anne’s. Thank you to parents, sponsors and particularly to our catechists for supporting the candidates in this important step on their faith journey.

Money Matters: Offertory £587.94p . Many thanks.

Thank you also for your generous donations to the Clergy Education and Training Fund.

Advent at St John’s.

Holy Hour each Sunday at 3pm-4pm.

Early Mass Thursdays at 7.15am.

LPA Mass Thursday 8th December at 7.30pm.

School Advent Masses in Church this week.

Monday 28th November at 9.15am Years 3&4

Tuesday 29th November at 9.15am Year 2

Father Bernard will be in church each Saturday during Advent from 10.30am -11.30am …. an opportunity for Confession, for prayer, or a chat.

LPA 24 Annual Mass ,Thursday 8th December at 7.30pm here at St John’s. All our local parishes… Christ the King, St Anne’s, St Luke’s and St John’s will be involved in this special celebration on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Tea, coffee and mince pies will be served at the back of church after this Mass.

St John’s Parish Christmas Social on Friday 9th December at The Bridge Inn Port Sunlight from 7.30pm onwards, featuring the music of Michael Coyne. Bar open, tea and coffee and mince pies available. Tickets £5 on sale after weekend masses.

Readers Would any readers who will not be available during the Christmas period, please let Dot Humphrey know as soon as possible. Thank you.

Enjoy singing? The next Singing Practice will be this Thursday 1st December. All are welcome.

Scout stamps will be on sale after both Masses until Sunday 11thDecember at a cost of 30p each.

Tea/Coffee & Biscuits are also available in the Parish Centre after 9.30am Mass each Sunday.

Traidcraft Christmas Cards are on sale after both Masses this weekend.

“Our Mission Together”

As your commitment to

St John’s continues to bear fruit, the electrical work in the church is almost complete. Work on the leaded light windows at the front of the Church is next on the agenda and then other improvements will follow some before Christmas others afterwards. Grateful thanks for your continued generosity… several individual donations have been received in the last few weeks… which makes these improvements possible. If anyone else would like to donate to ‘Our Mission Together’ please see Father Bernard.

A musical celebration of Christmas at St Anne’s on Wednesday 14th December at 8pm. Mulled wine and mince pies from 7.30pm- a fabulous evening of festive music performed by the soloist and chorus of Birkenhead Operatic Society Trust. Tickets £8 from St Anne’s Parish office Tel-645-3996.

St John’s Catholic Pre School – Admission September 2017 If you wish to enrol your child to start Pre School in September 2017 then please ring 0151 645 5291 Option No 2 for Pre School if you require any further information.

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