Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday, 7th October 2018. Cycle B


St John the Evangelist

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Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday, 7th October 2018. Cycle B



The story of the boy who cried wolf is not true. But what it says is true. There never was such a historical boy. But the moral remains true: if you consistently lie than you run the risk of not being believed when you are telling the truth.

Sometimes, especially in America, Church people engage in battles with scientists about what the bible says on the origins of humanity and what science says it now knows to be virtually certain. It’s the old Creation versus Evolution debate. Today’s Genesis readings tells us about God making Adam fall into a deep sleep and then making Eve out of one of Adam’s ribs. Is this true? Do we have to believe it? Did it really happen like that? Most Christians would accept that the bible is telling a story. It is not trying to be historical; it can’t be since there was no one else there in the story except God and Adam. It is not trying to be scientific or to give a medical explanation for how men and women came about. It’s just a story. But it’s still true. Because, like the tale of the boy who cried wolf, it what it’s really trying to say that is important. It’s the “meat” of the story that counts. And what the writer is attempting to convey is that animal and human life comes from a divine creator and our surroundings depend on that creator for everything. Because men and women are the product of God’s love then they are drawn to each other in the bond of marriage in a way that reflects God’s love: eternal, indissoluble and unconditional. Genesis wants to say nothing more and nothing less. What a pity it would be if Christians thought that their faith precluded them from rejoicing in scientific discoveries about the origins of our universe and human life. And what a pity, too, if scientists were given the impression that Christians were so hidebound that they believed in a talking snake.


Readers – Please note a date for your diary. There will be a meeting on Saturday 3rd November at 10am in church to discuss Year C of the Lectionary which begins on the 1st Sunday of Advent.



Please continue to give generously to the Foodbank. The need is as great as ever. Please check the notice board at the back of Church for most needed items for the ITEMS URGENTLY NEEDED: Tinned fish and/or meat, tinned fruit, tinned custard, pasta sauce, long grain rice, instant mash, deodorant, washing powder tablets



ACTS’ (‘ADULT CATHOLICS TOGETHER SPIRITUALLY’) 2018 residential retreat will take place on Fri 26 OCT – SUN 28 OCT.  Fr Tony McGrath will lead the retreat entitled ‘Living the Eucharistic Mystery’ to coincide with ‘The Year of the Eucharist’.   Each Sunday the Church gathers together to celebrate the Eucharist, “the source and summit of the Christian life” and Fr McGrath will help us explore what this means for our daily life.  Venue: St Winefride’s Guest House in Holywell, North Wales (lifts may be available).  Attendees will be invited to give an anonymous donation (suggested £100).  For further information contact Siobhan Cartwright (Tel: 0161 477 2783 / mobile 07761 138947) or email


Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpful reflection on next Sunday’s readings.



If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box

by 12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.





The love between a man and woman reflects the love that God first had for us in creating us and sustaining us in life. That’s why married love knows no bounds, is holy, unbreakable and unconditional. So it’s part of our nature to love, since our human existence is a sharing in God’s nature, and God’s nature is love itself.








27th Sunday in Ord Time Cycle B 7th 5.00pm




Clifford Saalmans Remembrance RIP

Oliver Newnes Anniv RIP

Prayer Meeting

Monday 8th 9.15am Ints Margaret Brannock  
Tuesday 9th 9.15am Ints Fr Stephen Coonan  
Wednesday 10th 11.00am Funeral Mass

Maura Guthrie

Thursday 11th 9.15am Ints Jackie Mitchell  
Friday 12th 9.15am Ints Larkin/Meaney Fam  
Saturday 13th      
28th Sunday in Ord Time Cycle B 14th 5.00pm




St John’s Parish

Ints Norah & Bill Martin

(50th Wedding)

Prayer Meeting

Confessions From next Saturday 13th Oct at new time of 10.30am -11.15am  
Morning Prayer 15 minutes before daily Masses  

Money Matters: Offertory collection £628.44p

Thank you for your continued generosity.


Last Friday was CAFOD’s Harvest Family Fast Day………did you remember? Did you pray and fast for the poor and hungry of our world? CAFOD envelopes are on the table at the back of Church and can be returned in the offertory bag anytime up to and including the last weekend in October.


Tea & Coffee after Sunday 9.30am Mass every week in the Parish Centre. Why not stay a while and meet up with friends old and new. Thank you to the Confirmation candidates who helped to serve tea and cake after last Sunday’s Mass as part of their preparation.


First Forgiveness /First Holy Communion : If there are any children attending non-Catholic schools who wish to celebrate these sacraments please make contact with Fr Bernard as soon as possible


Wedding: Congratulations, best wishes and prayers to Lorna Rook and Daniel Williams married here at St John’s yesterday .

Recently Deceased : Please remember those members of the parish who have died recently , Maura Guthrie : Funeral Mass this Wednesday 10th Oct at 11.00am. Also John Joseph Murphy whose Funeral Mass is here on Thursday 18th October at 10am.


Aid to the Church in Need: Annual Event in the Diocese this Sunday 7th October. Talks on the Suffering Church in Iraq and Pakistan at St Columba’s Church in Chester at 3pm.

Coffee Morning on Thursday 10:00am – 1:00pm   in the Parish Centre .Refreshments, White Elephant Stall, Traidcraft Goods. Opportunity to prepare a shoebox of gifts for children overseas– help with decorating & selecting items for the boxes will be available. Proceeds towards T4U Charity, Traidcraft & Parish Funds. This will be repeated next Sunday 14th after the 9.30am Mass. It provides a good opportunity to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

October Rosary………the Rosary is being prayed each weekday in a different home in the parish…thanks to those who have offered to host/lead this important devotion. There will be a Public Rosary next Saturday at 2pm in St Werburgh’s Square. This is being organised by the Legion of Mary and everyone is welcome to join them.

Explore Mary at SS. Catherine & Martina’s Hoylake this Tuesday from 7-8.30pm……….a Shrewsbury Youth Mission Team night of music and fun! If you are in High School and love music this night is for you. Join the SYMT team for a night of fun, uplifting music, inspiring talks, prayer and food. All most welcome.

Bishop’s Pastoral Visit: Bishop Mark will be visiting St John’s and St Anne’s Parishes next weekend                13th/14th October. He will preside and preach at all the Masses and there will be an opportunity to meet him after both Masses and particularly on Sunday after 9.30am Mass when there will be the usual Tea & Coffee in the Parish Centre. The Bishop will visit St John’s Infant and Junior School on Tuesday where he will lead assemblies, visit each class and talk to the Head teacher’s and members of staff. Bishop Mark will visit St John Plessington Catholic College later in the year ……..during the Season of Advent.

The launch of a New SVP Group at St John’s  : Do you want to put your faith into practice in a positive way? Well – here is your chance!! We want to support the great work that SVP members in our parishes have done over the years and continue to do so by re-starting our parish SVP group. Last weekend’s appeal inspired many of you to attend last Thursday’s meeting in the Day Chapel. There will be a further SVP meeting and gathering on Thursday 18th October at 7.30pm in the presbytery. All are welcome………..please encourage a fellow parishioner/friend to attend with you. There is plenty of work to be done. Further enquiries to Paul Lever on 07703045223 or email                           

Confirmation 2018: This year’s Confirmation Mass for our LPA Parishes will be held at St Anne’s Rock Ferry on Friday 23rd November at 7pm. The preparation programme is now in full flow and the Candidates were enrolled at Mass last Sunday. Confirmation is open to Candidates who are currently in Year 9 of High School or above. For further information and to register please email us at


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