The Baptism of the Lord. 13th January, 2019,Cycle C


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury   (reg. charity 234025)


Parish Priest:  Fr Bernard Forshaw           Deacon: Revd Michael Daly    Phone:   0151 645 3314

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The Baptism of the Lord. 13th January, 2019,Cycle C


Baptisms are rather like marriages. Not only are they family and community affairs that are accompanied by festivity, but they also work at a deeper level. When two people marry, the words of the ceremony make it clear that they are embarking on something that will last a lifetime. In sickness and in health means that you cannot simply say that you are married and then do nothing about it. You have to work at a marriage, especially when unforeseen problems arise. That’s why people say that a wedding takes only a day, but a marriage takes for ever.  In the same way, our baptism is not something that is over in a day. The ceremony may only take half an hour, but our baptism is something that stays with us for a lifetime. Even though we sometimes speak about “having the baby done”, baptism is not a static thing, something over and done with, but it’s a dynamic reality. We carry our baptism with us even when we don’t feel it! It’s a sad fact that if people do not work at their marriage, then the marriage can go stale. And the same is true with our baptism. If we’re not careful we can wake up one morning and find that our baptism has gone dead because we have not been giving it the care and attention it needs. Baptisms need plenty of fresh air and exercise! Baptism means believing that only God’s life can bring us true happiness. It means living by the beliefs and promises that we made years ago (or agreed to later, if we were baptised as babies). We were anointed with oil to become members of God’s family that is the Church, committed to telling others about the sort of God we have and the sort of promises held out to those who serve God. At the start of this new year, it might be worth taking a look at what new Christians promise at their baptism (or what their godparents promise on their behalf). Ask at church for a copy; see what you agreed to; decide where you need to improve! Has your baptism put on so much weight because you have never exercised it? How do you proclaim your faith at home and at work? Does your life teem with that deep down joy that God promises to those who have been reborn with water and the Spirit? The feast of the Lord’s Baptism tempts you to ask a few questions…


Collections have resumed .

Thank you for your very kind donation of 106.57 kg of food, a fantastic amount.   Please continue to give generously to the Foodbank.  The need is as great as ever.  Please check the notice board at the back of Church for most needed items for the ITEMS URGENTLY NEEDED: Tinned fish and/or meat, tinned fruit, tinned custard, pasta sauce, long grain rice, instant mash, deodorant, washing powder tablets




Let us pray for those families that are preparing for baptism, that the strength of faith in their homes may support and encourage the newly baptised.

Lord, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.

Let us pray for the Christian Church that joined by our common baptism we may draw ever closer to the unity for which Jesus prayed.

Lord, in you mercy: Hear our prayer.

Let us pray for those who have not known Christ, but who are now preparing to be baptised or received into the Church this coming Easter. May they come ever closer to the love of God and may they find in their parishes true communities of faith.

Lord, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.

Let us pray for ourselves, that we may renew each day our baptismal promises to proclaim the Good News by our lives of service to God and each other.

Lord, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.


Are you a Catholic Teacher in a Non- Catholic School? The Diocese wants to recruit as many Catholic teachers to its schools as possible and is holding an informal session to help people make that transition this Tuesday

15th January at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School from 6.00pm-7.30pm. If you would like to attend or want further information about returning to Catholic education please email sue.jenkinson@dioceseofshrewsbury


Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word.  It is a helpful reflection on next Sunday’s readings.



If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery

letter box  by 12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.




Baptism of the Lord 13th 5.00pm



Daniel Farley Anniv RIP

St John’s Parish

Prayer Meeting

Monday 14th 9.15am No Mass or Service  
Tuesday 15th 9.15am Service of Word & Communion  
Wednesday 16th 9.15am Barbara Forshaw RIP  
Thursday 17th 9.15am Ints Teresa and Ernie Young  
Friday 18th 9.15am Rene Brandon RIP  
Saturday 19th 10.00am Carmel Mass – Ints Margaret McLoughlin  
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 20th 5.00pm



Int Maria Coulson& Fam

Ints Ann Murray

No Prayer Meeting

Confessions                                                                           Sorry none next Saturday  
Morning Prayer 15 minutes before daily  Masses  


Tea & Coffee after Sunday 9.30am Mass every week in the Parish Centre. Why not stay a while and meet up with friends old and new.

Baptisms & Weddings in 2019:  Please contact as soon as possible as dates are going fast.

First Forgiveness for the children at St John’s School will be celebrated on Thursday 28th February at 6.30pm.

 First Communion Masses : Sat 4th May and Sat 11th May both at 10.30am. 

Sick Visits : If you know of anyone in the parish who is in need of Holy Communion/a visit please do let us know                                  or Tel 0151 645 3314 that includes those who may be in hospital at this time.


Lately Dead:  Please pray for the repose of the soul of Barbara Forshaw ( Fr Bernard’s mother) whose Funeral Mass is tomorrow Monday 14th Jan at 12 noon at Christ the King Bromborough. All most welcome.

Please also pray for the repose of the soul of Lewis Doyle whose Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St Anne’s on Tuesday 22nd January at 11am (his son Christopher ‘s  Funeral Mass was celebrated at St Anne’s on 27th Dec!) and for Patricia Dobbie whose Funeral Mass will be celebrated here at St John’s on Thursday 24th January at 12 noon .

May all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Money Matters

Last week’s Offertory Collection = £624.27p Thank you . Crib offerings for Caritas Diocese of Shrewsbury. Amounted to £220.15p. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Traidcraft Stall in 2018, generating around £1,000 in sales.  You may be aware that Traidcraft was under great financial pressure and was due to cease trading at the end of 2018 but, due to an overwhelming outcry, has been able to continue with a more limited range of products. This year Traidcraft is celebrating its’ 40th Anniversary so we will continue with the Traidcraft Stall, thanks to your support.



Memorial Books and Plaques: We are updating the Memorial Books and now we have a new supplier giving you the opportunity to remember your loved ones by buying a small plaque to be fixed to a chair or bench in Church. Appropriate Forms for both are  available on the table at the back of the church. When completed these forms should be returned in the accompanying envelopes through the presbytery letterbox before next Sunday.            


St John’s SVP  Meeting this Thursday and every Thursday at 6.30pm in the Day Chapel. If anyone else would like to join this developing group please let Fr Bernard know

St John’s Parish Pastoral Team First meeting of 2019 this Thursday 17th January at 7.30pm in the presbytery. Any thoughts/suggestions for the team to consider please place in the suggestions box at the back of Church .

Christian Unity Week 18th Jan-25th Jan.                        As in previous years each day we gather for Coffee/Tea at 10.30am followed at 11am by a short United Service in a different Church /location see below                                                                    Fri 18th Christ Church Port Sunlight                        Sat 19th St John’s New Ferry                               Mon 21st Christ Church Higher Bebington              Tues 22nd St Luke’s Bebington                              Wed 23rd Life Church                                         Thurs 24th  Lower Bebington Methodist Church Fri      25th  Higher Bebington URC Church                  A United Service will be held at St Andrew’s on Sunday 27th Jan at 6.30pm

Annual Mass for the Celebration of Marriage                This year the Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Mark at 12noon on Saturday 9th February at St Columba’s Chester. All married couples and families are welcome but if you are celebrating a significant anniversary (25th, 40th, 50th, 60tth ) and wish to attend the Mass please let Fr Bernard know and you will receive a special letter of invitation.

As we begin a New Year we rejoice and give thanks for all those who help in our Parish and School’s some more publically than others. If you would like to join  the growing number of Parish Helpers please have a word with Fr Bernard after Mass this weekend/during the week. We are particularly looking for volunteers which will enable our Children’s Liturgy at Sunday’s 9.30am Mass to begin again and for people to serve on the Sunday morning Tea/Coffee Rota.

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