Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 1st September 2019, Cycle C


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury   (reg. charity 234025)


Parish Priest:  Fr Bernard Forshaw           Deacon: Revd Michael Daly    Phone:   0151 645 3314

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Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 1st September 2019, Cycle C


WORD OF GOD                                                                                                                       The greater you are,the more you should behave humbly,and then you will find favour with the Lord. (Ecclesiasticus 3:18)

Words for Worship                                                                                                               Lord of the poor and the crippled, God of the blind and the lame, listen to the prayers we have brought before you for our own needs, for those of our Church and our world. Teach us true humility that we may be at the service of all who call upon us. Encourage us to use our talents to spread your kingdom, and when we meet with success help us to recognise you as the source of our strengths. We make this and all our prayers through him who humbled himself to share our human weakness, your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

St Anne’s Parish Centre, Rock Ferry is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons, If you wish to book the centre for Baptism Celebrations, Wedding Receptions, Funeral Gatherings etc please contact manager Ben Howard Tel 07435 966586 or email

Wirral Foodbank: Thank you to all those who contribute to the Foodbank, helping to support people in crisis in our Local Community. The total raised this week is on the Notice Board at the back of Church along with details of the Foodbank and the services it offers. Please  keep your donations coming-  Items urgently needed- tinned fruit, instant mash, squash, sponge puddings, hot chocolate, shower gel, washing up liquid, jam and UHT milk.  Once again if you have any spare plastic bags or even an idea on how they are able to distribute food/goods without the need for plastic bags, it will be gratefully received.

Please remember the Card Rack at the back of the Church. This is now well stocked with Mass Cards, Birthday Cards etc.


Please take a look at the Notice Boards at the back of Church for details of other Local Events over the next few weeks, and don’t forget to take a copy of the Catholic Voice and buy a Catholic paper.



Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word.  It is a helpful

reflection on next Sunday’s readings.


If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email

address or put it through the presbytery  letter box by

12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.







A London-based pastor was boasting about how his church had grown from a handful to thousands of members in such a short time. The interviewer asked him what he thought had brought this about. “A top rate dedicated and qualified management team” he replied. “And what about the Holy Spirit?” asked the interviewer. By then it was too late for the pastor to dig himself out of the hole.  Don’t take the seats on the top table, says Jesus today, because someone more distinguished might have been invited. Of course, there’s always someone more distinguished than us. The problem is that we often fail to recognise it. A top-table mentality can be very corrosive. As we grow up we naturally takes things for granted. We get on in life, we get promotion, we acquire status and position and we find ourselves making decisions that affect other people’s lives. We know we’ve got the top-table mentality when we think that we are owed respect by right. We expect to be given preferential treatment, to be obeyed, to have our opinion carry more weight than other people’s. Humility does not mean pretending we’re not who we are, denying skills and talents or feigning a type of false modesty. Humility rejoices in what it can do, but knows that it can do nothing without God and others. So humility boasts, but it boasts about God who is the source of all gift and talent.

Humble people don’t stop aiming high. It’s just that when they achieve their goal they know who deserves the credit. And since humble people don’t push themselves forward for the top places, they are not disappointed not to have them. Nor do they suffer the embarrassment of being taken down a peg when they overstep the mark.

Set your sights as high as you like but keep your soul on the ground. The man who fulfilled the cosmic act of salvation did so by humbling himself to become a mere human and although he was God he claimed no glory for himself. It’s those who humble themselves, he said, who will be exalted.



22nd Sunday in Ord Time 1st 5.00pm



Ints Fr John Rafferty

Ints St John’s Parish

Prayer Meeting

Monday 2nd 9.15am Ints Betty Houston  
Tuesday 3rd 9.15am Patricia Dobbie RIP  
Wednesday 4th 9.15 am Irene Harding  
Thursday 5th 12Noon


Funeral Mass Linda Unwin

Vigil Mass Fr Frank Rice

Friday 6th No Mass or Service  
Saturday 7th      
23rd Sunday in Ord Time 8th 5.00pm



Ints Peter Donnelly

Sid & Mary Havard Annv RIP

Prayer Meeting

Confessions  Each  Saturday 10.30am-11.15am  
Morning Prayer

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

15 min before daily  Masses

Saturdays 4.00-4.50pm



Fr Frank Rice:  The Funeral Arrangements are as follows:   Vigil Mass this Thursday 5th September  at  St John’s Church at 7.00pm celebrated by   Fr Bernard and the Deanery Clergy.  Fr Frank’s body will rest in the Church from the end of Mass until 9.00pm for parishioners and others to say a prayer and pay their respects.                                                                        Tea & Coffee, Cakes & Biscuits will be available for everyone in the Parish Centre after the Vigil Mass

Funeral Mass on Friday 6th September at Our Lady’s Church, Cavendish Street, Birkenhead CH41 8AQ at 12noon celebrated by Bishop Mark and Clergy from the Diocese of Shrewsbury and beyond. Fr Frank  will be buried at Landican around 2.00pm where Deacon Philip White will lead the committal.         The Funeral Reception will be held back here at              St John’s Parish Centre with outside caterers providing the refreshments. Everyone of course is most welcome.

Linda Unwin RIP:   Your prayers are also asked for the repose of the soul of Linda Unwin, a faithful parishioner, who also died recently.  Linda’s Funeral Mass will be held at St John’s on Thursday                  5th September at 12noon. May she Rest in peace.


Tea & Coffee resumes in the Parish Centre after 9.30am this Sunday

Children’s Liturgy at Sunday 9.30am Mass will resume  next Sunday 8th of September in the Day Chapel.

St John’s Schools re-open on Tuesday after the Summer break. We hope all the children and staff have had a good restful holiday and we offer a warm welcome to all the new children and staff.

The Monthly Novena to Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour will be held in  church on Tuesday at 7pm. All most welcome- If you have not participated in this before it offers a time of quiet prayer and reflection before the well known icon of Our Blessed Lady.

St John’s SVP Group will not be meeting this Thursday. There next meeting will be on Thursday 12th September at 6.30pm.



Confirmation 2019:  This year’s Confirmation Mass with Bishop Mark presiding will be held at Christ the King, Bromborough on Thursday                       21st November at 7pm. The preparation programme will start in September and is open to candidates in Year 9 and above. For information please email us at  by next Sunday 8th September at the latest.


Money Matters:  Last weekend’s Offertory collection amounted to £659.83p. Thank you for your generosity.



Parish Pastoral Team- will be  meeting shortly. If you have any suggestions/ideas/ thoughts for the team to consider, please put a note in the Suggestion Box at the back of Church or through the Presbytery letter box or send an email to the Parish email address this week.

Foundation Governors: The Diocese has a number of vacancies for Foundation Governors within our Deanery. If you would be interested in joining a Governing Body then please contact  Sue Blackwell at the Curial Offices

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury is looking to recruit a Youth Mission Team Member to engage with young people in schools and parishes across the Diocese.  The Shrewsbury Youth Mission Team (SYMT) comprises of full-time employees and lay & clergy volunteers.  The full-time employee will be a key member of the team led by the Director.  The successful candidate will be faithful practising Catholic, happily living their faith and willing to give positive witness to young people and to serve as a representative of the Bishop and Diocese of Shrewsbury.  Full details and application forms can be found at  Completed applications should be returned to    Closing date Friday 13 September 2019

Catholic Certificate for Religious Studies…. Recommended for any teacher who wants to teach in a Catholic School, as well as those seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of  the  Catholic Faith and Theology. Two CCRS sessions are being offered within the Diocese in the new School Year. The venue closest to here is Our Lady’s Ellesmere Port and these sessions will be held on Saturdays. For more information and dates visit;

Welcome Café’s  which distribute surplus supermarket food at no cost to you are held every Tuesday at St Anne’s Parish Centre, Highfield Road Rock Ferry from 11am-1pm. And also every Friday at   St Werburgh’s Parish Centre, Grange Precinct, Birkenhead from 11am-1pm. All are welcome to use this facility.

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