The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 16th February, 2020. Cycle A


St John the Evangelist
128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ
Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

Parish Priest: Fr Bernard Forshaw Deacon: Revd Michael Daly Phone: 0151 645 3314
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The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 16th February, 2020. Cycle A

Heavenly Father, you gather us together in our faith journey Trusting in you, we join one another as a community
A community of faith on a journey
A journey to grow ever deeper in our faith
In our Love
In our Desire to long for you
Along the way, remind us of your Love
Of your sacrifice for us
Of your ever mindful presence
Let us never lose hope along the way
Help us to be strong
Strong in Faith
Strong in Love
Strong in our Desire to be ever mindful of your presence
For it is in your strength and Love and the Graces you bestow upon us, that we can go out and share in your Love and Faith with all those in our community.
It is in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reins with you and the Holy Spirit one God For ever and ever AMEN
Wirral Foodbank: Thank you to all those who contribute to the Foodbank, helping to support people in crisis in our Local Community. The total raised this week is on the Notice Board at the back of Church along with details of the Foodbank and the services it offers. Please keep your donations coming- Items urgently needed- sugar, custard, tinned potatoes, deodorant, and washing up liquid, toiletries. Once again if you have any spare plastic bags or even an idea on how they are able to distribute food/goods without the need for plastic bags, it will be gratefully received.
Medjugorje Pilgrimage: A five day pilgrimage to Medjugorje costing £399 is being organised within our local pastoral area from 23rd to 27th June 2020. For more information please see the poster at the back of church or contact Maria Fryer. Tel 07576 243343.
Please take a look at the Notice Boards at the back of Church for details of other Local Events over the next few weeks, and don’t forget to buy a Catholic paper and to take a look at the Card Rack.
Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpful reflection on next Sunday’s readings.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box by
12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.

Extract taken from “Seasons of the Word” by Denis McBride C.Ss.R Matthew himself is a Jewish convert living in Syria and writing his Gospel in the 80s for a mixed community of Jewish and Gentile converts. He has to hold these two groups together in the community – both the convert Jews who respect the tradition of the Law of Moses, and the convert Gentiles who have their own traditions. Matthew is writing in the 80s when the Christian community is facing heavy criticism from the official Jewish leadership; they claim that the teaching of Jesus is destructive of all that is cherished in Judaism. So when Matthew writes his Gospel he is anxious to show that Jesus does not come to abolish the Law of the Prophets, rather he is their completion. Matthew shows the continuity with the ancient tradition. But he also shows the discontinuity when Jesus says “You have heard how it was said…. but I say this to you…” Jesus completes the Law but he also goes beyond it. Because Jesus is who he is, he has the authority to put before people a new vision. Matthew asserts that Jesus’ authority is greater than the authority of Moses. Jesus’ demands are more radical; his vision is sharper; his expectations greater. Moses made concessions because of the hardness of people’s hearts; Jesus has hope that all people’s heart condition has improved since then. When we see our record of doing good against the demands of Jesus in the Gospel, we can all come away feeling helpless. Our own efforts look so shabby against the clear unambiguous demands of the larger vision. But Matthew is not writing his gospel to grind his readers into the dirt or make them feel helpless. He is calling the community of believers to face the vision of Jesus with a willing heart and a ready spirit. None of us can do this alone. That is why we are here, gathered in community, to pray that God will fund our efforts to bring that vision down to earth.

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 16th 5.00pm
7.30pm Edward+John J Kelly RIP
George Harvey RIP
Prayer Meeting
Monday 17th 9.15am Service of Word & Communion
Tuesday 18th 9.15am Ints John+Kath Connolly
Wednesday 19th 9.15am John Blakeway RIP
Thursday 20th 7.30am Nora+Jack McCormick RIP
Friday 21st 9.15am Service of Word & Communion
Saturday 22nd
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 23rd 5.00pm
7.30pm Simon Mercer RIP
Fr Jack McLeish RIP
Prayer Meeting
Confessions Each Saturday 10.30am-11.15am
Morning Prayer 15 min before daily Masses

Tea & Coffee in the Parish Centre after 9.30am Mass each Sunday. Please drop in and have a chat with friends old and new.

Sick Visits: If you know of anyone in the parish who is in need of Holy Communion /a visit please let us know
or Tel 0151 645 3314

Lately Dead; Please pray for the repose of the soul of Gerry Topping who died last Sunday night. Funeral Mass here at St John’s on Friday 6th April at 1pm. Also William McGowan who died on the 11th February. Funeral Mass here at St John’s Friday 13th March at 12 noon. May they rest in peace.
Money Matters: Last Weekend’s Collection was £503.55p. Thank you for your continued generosity.
First Forgiveness
What a special evening last Thursday was, when our Year 3 children received the Sacrament of First Forgiveness. It was an important evening and the children were well behaved. Thank you to their families and to the parishioners who came to offer their support. We will continue to pray for them as they now move on to prepare to receive their First Holy Communion.
This week- February Half Term Holiday Club for young people aged 7-12 years in St Anne’s Parish Centre, Highfield Road Rock Ferry from 10am-1.45pm each day led by the Diocesan Youth Team. Five days of activity, filled with fun, faith and fellowship. Craft, sport, challenges, drama and song. There is something for everyone. Lunch will be provided. All young people must be registered. Registration forms are on the table at the back of Church and should be returned to the presbytery this weekend. Many thanks to those adults and parishioners who have volunteered to help.

GRACE Group- are meeting this Tuesday , when we will be looking at 1 John. If any of the women in the parish would like to join us, please give Claire Griffiths a call on 07985312708, we’d love you to join us!

The next monthly hospital Mass, will be celebrated in the Chapel(situated on the First Floor) at Arrowe Park Hospital this Thursday at 12.30pm by Father Chris Matthews. All most welcome.

Lent 2020
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 26th February… a day of fasting and abstinence…Mass at 12 noon in Church. Ashes Services will be held in our schools. Ashes will be blessed and distributed at Mass and at the services too. Once the Lent Program is finalised a full Lenten schedule will be published in next week’s newsletter.

Traidcraft stall will be open after both Masses next weekend the 22nd/23rd February.

Year of the Word- Diocesan Spring Talks
Everyone most welcome.
Talk 1- Fr Nick Kern on Dei Verbum/Word of God (Vatican 11) this Wednesday beginning at 7pm at St Columba’s Parish Centre, Plas Newton Lane, Chester CH2 1PL
Talk 2- Miss Barbara Davies on Verbum Domini/ The Word of the Lord, the Encyclical of Pope Benedict XV1 Wednesday 27th February beginning at 7pm at St Columba’s, Chester.
Talk 3- Doctor Caroline Farey on the language we use to Speak of God in the Bible, Wednesday 4th March beginning at 7pm, Our Lady’s Parish Centre, Enfield Rd, Ellesmere Port CH65 8BY
Talk 4- Fr Michael Coughlan on Why Four Versions of the Gospel, Wednesday 1st April beginning at 7pm at Our Lady’s Parish Centre, Enfield Rd, Ellesmere Port CH65 8BY.

St John’s SVP Meet this Thursday in the presbytery at 6.30pm.

An AUCTION in aid of Wirral SVP homeless project and SVP family support projects is to be held on Friday 28th February 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre at Sacred Heart Church. Moreton Cross. We require donations of bottles, gifts, unwanted Christmas presents etc. More important we need people to come along and enjoy the fun while supporting these two very worthy causes. Further information or for collection of items please ring. 07905952798. Many thanks.
St John’s Parish Pastoral Team- Meet this Thursday at 7.30pm in the presbytery. Any thoughts, observations, suggestions for the team to consider please place in the suggestion box at the back of the Church or through the presbytery letterbox or email them to us at
Readers: A meeting will be held on Saturday 28th March at 10.30am. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you.

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