The Second Sunday in Lent 8th March, 2020. Cycle A


St John the Evangelist
128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ
Diocese of Shrewsbury (reg. charity 234025)

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The Second Sunday in Lent 8th March, 2020. Cycle A

WORD FOR TODAY We all need mountain-top experiences from time to time. They let us see the wider horizon of life and remind us that there is more to existence than meets the eye. When did you last let God transfigure the humdrum of your life?

WORDS FOR WORSHIP May God the Father reveal his glory to you as you strive to listen to the voice of his Son. Amen. May Christ the Lord open your ears to hear the message of eternal life. Amen. May the Spirit inspire you to see the presence of God in all the surroundings and events of your lives. Amen. And may almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Wirral Foodbank: Thank you to all those who contribute to the Foodbank, helping to support people in crisis in our Local Community. The total raised this week is on the Notice Board at the back of Church along with details of the Foodbank and the services it offers. Please keep your donations coming- Items urgently needed- sugar, custard, tinned potatoes, deodorant, and washing up liquid, toiletries. Once again if you have any spare plastic bags or even an idea on how they are able to distribute food/goods without the need for plastic bags, it will be gratefully received.

Please take a look at the Notice Boards at the back of Church for details of other Local Events over the next few weeks, and don’t forget to buy a Catholic paper and to take a look at the Card Rack.

Please take a copy of the Wednesday Word. It is a helpful reflection on next Sunday’s readings.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box by
12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.

FAITH IN FOCUS: MOUNTAIN VIEWS We’re not told in today’s gospel what the name of the mountain was that the Transfiguration took place on. Tradition says it was Mount Tabor, but it doesn’t really matter. In fact, whenever a mountain features in the bible we can be pretty sure that God is about to appear in some form or other and tell us something significant. That’s what happened to Moses on Mount Sinai and to Elijah on Mount Carmel. Mountains are a sort of scriptural code for an appearance of God. In our run-up to Easter we can be forgiven for thinking that mountains don’t matter. But we all need them. Mountain moments are those in which we seem to catch something of God’s presence amid the humdrum of our daily routines. Out of the blue we see something or hear something that makes us realise that there is more to life than meets the eye. Mountains are what bring us our spiritual experiences. It could be something natural like a sunset; it could be the birth of a child, the success of a friend, the embrace of two lovers. Whatever it is, it takes our spirit beyond our bodies and lets us have a glimpse of something that is greater than the merely human. Because primitive peoples thought that God lived in the sky they went up mountains to be closer to him. But we have lots of mountain experiences down here on the ground. These moments of breakthrough sustain us through all the days when God’s presence can seem a bit more distant from us, when like the people of Exodus we wonder whether God is with us or not. They act as a booster to our faith. Today we see Peter, James and John. They have been given some bad news that Jesus is destined to be put to death and they are feeling low. Yet the Transfiguration is a flash of God’s glory visible in Jesus. The Transfiguration is a defining moment for them. From being fearful they are strengthened. As we journey through Lent on our way to Easter God will offer us our own moments of Transfiguration. He’ll let us see his glory and, just as on the mountain top, he’ll tell us “This is my Son. Listen to what he’s got to say.” So, wherever we bump into our own mountains, we need to keep our eyes and ears open.

Second Sunday of Lent 8th 5.00pm
7.30pm Margaret Ellis Birthday Ints
Ints Doug Unwin
Stations of the Cross
Prayer Meeting
Monday 9th 9.15am Service of Word + Communion
Tuesday 10th 9.15am Anne Armstrong RIP
Wednesday 11th 9.15am Gerda McArdle RIP
Thursday 12th 7.30am Margaret Marks RIP
Friday 13th 12.00
noon Funeral Mass
William McGowan
Saturday 14th 10.00am Ints SVP
Third Sunday of Lent 15th 5.00pm
7.30pm Josie Murray Anniv RIP
St John’s Parish + School
Stations of the Cross
Prayer Meeting
Confessions Each Saturday 10.30am-11.30am
Morning Prayer 15 min before daily Masses

Lent 2020
Masses and Services at St John’s
Each Thursday in Lent Mass will be at 7.30am
Several Friday’s in Lent Mass at 11.30am followed by soup lunch in the Parish Centre .
Each Saturday in Lent Mass at 10am followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Confessions until 11.30am . Each Sunday in Lent Stations of the Cross at 3.00pm in church this week led by the Grace Group and next week by the Altar Servers.
On the Wednesday’s of Lent Bebington Churches Together will be holding in various venues a short Service / Prayer time beginning at 11.00am followed by a soup lunch. This week at the URC Church in Higher Bebington .

Deanery Lenten Station Masses have been arranged for each Tuesday in Lent at 7pm. This week’s Mass is at St Anne’s in Rock Ferry.

Tea & Coffee after Sunday 9.30am Mass every week in the Parish Centre. Why not stay a while and meet up with friends old and new.

Sick Visits: If you know of anyone in the parish who is in need of Holy Communion /a visit please let us know
or Tel 0151 645 3314

Lately Dead; Please pray for the repose of the soul of William McGowan whose Funeral Mass is here at St John’s this Friday 13th March at 12 noon. May he and all the faithful departed rest in peace.
Money Matters: Last Weekend’s Offertory Collection was £604.52p. Thank you for your continued generosity. Attention all Gift Aid Donors- The parish will soon begin the process of claiming back Gift Aid Tax Refunds on donations made in the year 2019-2020. If you have moved house in the last year or your circumstances have changed and you no longer pay income tax ( or if for any reason you do not wish to remain in the Gift Aid Scheme) please contact Steve Bell- 0151 644-7512. Note- if you are a tax payer and not in the Gift Aid Scheme, why not join and help the parish to benefit from some of your Income Tax? If you do not pay but your wife or husband is a tax payer, why not get them to join?
St John’s Junior School children from Y5+6 will be joining us at Church to celebrate Mass on Tuesday at 9.15am. They will be thinking about their Lenten journey and all are welcome to join us. There will be a meeting in school for Y3 parents on Thursday afternoon to talk about the First Holy Communion programme.
SVP Festival Meeting for Conferences in the Birkenhead and East Wirral Area next Saturday here at St John’s beginning with Mass in Church at 10am. All SVP Members are asked to attend.
Readers and all Ministers: A meeting will be held on Saturday 28th March at 10.30am in Church. Please make every effort to attend as we prepare for our Holy Week and Easter Services. Thank you.
Year of the Word- Diocesan Spring Talks
Everyone most welcome.
Thanks to those who attended last week’s talk.
Talk 4- Fr Michael Coughlan on Why Four Versions of the Gospel, Wednesday 1st April beginning at 7pm at Our Lady’s Parish Centre, Enfield Rd, Ellesmere Port CH65 8BY.

To all the Parishioners who have supported the Traidcraft Stall over the past 12 months, the Stall has raised £1,005 in sales (with gift aid another £250). A Big Thank You from, Eileen & Steve Bell”.

The Year of the Word: Proclaiming the Word through Music at St John Plessington Catholic College, Old Chester Road, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 7LF. Saturday 21st March 10am-3.00pm. A message from Stella McGann…This day is the first Music Day to be set up by the Diocesan Liturgy Commission which was re-formed just over 18 months ago. As the Liturgy Commission member for Music, I am writing to you to ask you to support the event which will offer opportunities for sharing ideas, exploring and singing new music and reflecting on how we, as parish musicians, under the headings of how, what and when, can play an active role in this The Year of The Word. I am particularly pleased that composer and liturgist Martin Foster has been able to include us in his busy schedule of national events at which he is speaking during this very special year. Please register ASAP with A £5 fee, payable on the day, will go towards the running costs. Please bring your own packed lunch; tea and coffee will be provided. Bring a group from your parish and pay only £25 for 6!

Can you help? An ex pupil from St John’s Junior school who attended from 1963-1970 would like to organise a 50th Anniversary re-union with fellow ex-pupils. He would love to hear from you if you are one of these or if you know any of these people. You can contact him – Derek Bassett on 07421827848 or email

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