Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 8th November, 2020 Cycle A Remembrance Sunday


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Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 8th November, 2020 Cycle A

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday. Lord, we remember those who died when madness ruled the world and evil dwelt on earth, those we knew and those whose very name is lost. Because of their sacrifice, we may renew our fight against cruelty and injustice, again prejudice, tyranny and oppression. Still we cry to God out of the darkness of our divided world. Let not the hope of men and women perish. Let not new clouds rain death upon the earth.

Turn to yourself the hearts and wills of rulers and peoples, that a new world may arise where men and women live as friends in the bond of your peace.

In a world still troubled with war, hatred and unrest, we pray for peace and unity. You have called us to be one, to live in unity and harmony, and yet we are divided, race from race, faith from faith, rich from poor, old from young, neighbour from neighbour. O Lord, by whose cross all enmity is brought to an end, break down the walls that separate us, tear down the fences of indifference and hatred. Forgive us the sins that divide us, free us from pride and self-seeking; overcome our prejudice and fears. Give us courage to open ourselves to others and by the power of your Spirit make us one. Amen

Wirral Foodbank: needs your help and support more than ever, Full details of how to donate to Wirral Foodbank can be found at htpps/ People who need emergency food and support at this time can contact the Wirral Emergency Food Hub on 0151 666 5050. During these Covid times please do not bring any food donations into the Church.

The Parish Newsletter & the Wednesday Word, which is a helpful reflection on next Sunday’s readings, are presently available as you leave Church (via the front side door). Please take a copy for yourself and anyone from your street or neighbourhood who would appreciate receiving information about St John’s Parish at this time.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box by 12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.


You can’t live without food but you can seemingly get through the day without being a Christian. So even Christians themselves sometimes never quite get round to putting their baptismal promises into action.

Young people usually think that after they get older, after they’ve had some fun and sowed their wild oats, they’ll get round to it. They get older and then get married and the wild oats have been sown. Then their jobs and families take priority. They want the nice houses and the nice cars. They are so busy with the kids that they don’t have time to accept Christ in their lives. Then the kids grow up, and the marriage is unstable because they have focused so much time into every thing else that their marriage is on the rocks, so instead of accepting Jesus, they work on their marriage or they get a divorce and start a new life. They get old and set in their ways and think it’s too late to accept Christ, their heart hardens to the point where they just don’t care anymore. But if you were to ask them their intentions along the way, they had good intentions, they never intended to reject Christ.

And if we’re honest, it’s a bit like that with most of us. We may go to church, we may even be known by our neighbours as Christians. But in our heart of hearts we know that there’s a lot we could and should be doing about our faith that we never quite get round to. Perhaps it’s praying more, reading scripture more often or giving a bit more of our time and talent to help others less fortunate.

The foolish bridesmaids in today’s gospel were just as aware as the wise ones that the groom was on his way. But they hadn’t quite got round to buying the oil for their lamps so that they could go out and meet him in the middle of the night. They knew what they ought to do but they became distracted with other seemingly more important things. And by the time they realised it was their turn to meet the groom, it was too late.

What’s stopping us from being ready? And can any of us honestly say that we know the time when the groom will call out to us?




For all those who have died since November 2019.

For all those who have died since November 2019.

For those who have died in War and Conflict





Tony Jennings RIP





Janet Brae RIP





Thirty Third Sunday in Ord Time


Ints Frank Morris

Kitty Petts RIP

St Luke’s Parish

Fr Bernard will celebrate all the above Masses on the days indicated above privately here at St John’s

Lockdown 2: By now you will all be aware that a state of National Lockdown came into force at 00.01am on Thursday 5th November and lasts until Wednesday 2nd December. The Regulations prohibiting all gatherings for Communal Worship in Churches and other religious buildings were placed into law last Wednesday. The only exceptions being Funeral Masses & Services within the limitations of numbers provided in Government Guidance for Places of Worship.

Happily churches can remain open as places of prayer and reflection with all the necessary Covid 19 safety measures in place. So from this weekend I will open St John’s Church at the following times. Sunday’s from 9.00am to 10.00am and Tuesday’s again from 9.00am to 10.00am. (Opening times at St Anne’s = Sunday’s from 10.45am to 11.45am Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 11.00am to 12 noon)

It is important, particularly at this time of year, that we all stay in touch with one another by phone, email, zoom or doorstep contact. If anyone is in need of material or spiritual help please do get in touch by phone 0151 645 3314/0151 645 3996 or email

The Month of November: Sadly owing to Covid 19 restrictions this year we won’t be able to celebrate our Annual Mass of Remembrance (nor can we have Mass today). However on this Remembrance Sunday the Church will be open from 9.00am to 10.00am for prayer and the opportunity to light a candle.

BBC Radio Merseyside– Remember Together

To mark this year’s Remembrance Day BBC Radio Merseyside is making a giant virtual poppy mosaic and would like your help.

All we need you to do is write the name of the person you are remembering on a piece of card, take a photo of yourself with it and upload it. Write the name in capitals of a relative from years gone by, a friend who is currently serving or maybe visit your local war memorial and research a person who served where you live. The deadline to send in your photos is midnight on Sunday 8th November and the poppy will be revealed on Wednesday 11th November. Upload your photo and name of person to and keep listening for more about our Remember Together Campaign.

Prayers for the Sick- please remember our sick and housebound parishioners in your daily prayers. If anyone is in need of a visit / Holy Communion, please do let us know, via parish email / phone especially if they are in our Wirral hospitals or at St John’s Hospice.

Thinking about becoming a Catholic- recently, people have started to reflect upon the bigger questions of life, and explore their faith. If you have been thinking about becoming a Catholic please get in touch either by phone or email, as our time of preparation is set to begin shortly.

St John’s SVP: has always been an important part of St John’s Parish and even more so in the circumstances we find ourselves in. SVP members can be contacted via the Parish email or by phoning 0151 645 3314

Money Matters: Last Weekend’s Collection amounted to £341.80p. Many thanks. Please note a basket is now on the table at the back of church for your Offertory donations. Please make all cheques payable to St John’s New Ferry.

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