The Holy Family, 27th December, 2020 Cycle B


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury
(reg. charity 234025)

Parish Priest: Fr Bernard

Revd Michael Daly

0151 645 3314

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The Holy
Family, 27th December, 2020 Cycle B

Let us pray for the families of our community that eachmember may value the others so that, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and
trust, all may feel esteemed and loved.

Let us pray for the family of nations throughout the world
that peace may reign in places that are ravaged by civil and religious dissent,
by war, violence and tyranny.

Let us pray for those, like the Holy Family, who are forced
to become refugees and asylum seekers due to the harshness of conditions in
their own country.

Let us pray for those who do not know the love of a family,

for orphans,
and for those who are separated from their families due to working away from
home, serving abroad or spending time in prison.

Wirral Foodbank: needs
your help and support more than ever, Full details of how to donate to
Wirral Foodbank can be found at

htpps/ People who need emergency food and support at this time can
contact the Wirral Emergency Food Hub on 0151 666 5050.

During these Covid times please do not bring any food donations into
the Church.

Thinking about becoming
a Catholic-

recently, people have started to reflect upon the
bigger questions of life, and explore their faith. If you have been thinking
about becoming a Catholic please get in touch either by phone or email, as our
time of preparation is set to begin shortly.

The Parish Newsletter & the
Wednesday Word, which is a helpful

reflection on next Sunday’s
readings, are presently available as you leave Church (via the front side
door). Please take a copy for yourself and anyone from your street or neighbourhood
who would appreciate receiving information about St John’s Parish at this time.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email
it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box

12 noon on Thursdays. Many thanks.


From the corner of the farmhouse kitchen the mouse
looked on as the farmer’s wife opened a small box. To his horror the mouse saw
that it was a mouse-trap! So he went straight outside to the cow and asked her
to help him with the trap. “It doesn’t really affect me” said the cow. So the
mouse went to the chicken to ask for her help. But she said she wasn’t worried
by it either. Even the pig was unmoved by the mouse’s pleas.

In the middle of the night the
trap snapped shut and the farmer’s wife came downstairs to see what had
happened. The mouse wasn’t in it. Instead a poisonous snake had been caught by
the tail and it lashed out, biting her on the leg. The doctor came and said it
would take a long time for her to be well again. She needed building up with
lots of chicken soup. So the farmer killed the chicken to make the soup.

When the friends and neighbours
came round to sit with his wife they needed feeding so he butchered the pig and
had ham sandwiches on hand for anyone who felt peckish. But unfortunately his
wife got worse and after a few weeks she died. So the cow had to be slaughtered
to provide food for the reception after the funeral. The whole household was
brought down simply because it failed to concern itself with the smallest of
its members: the mouse.

The Holy Family was destined to
concern itself with the faults and failings of many. In fact, its ultimate
destiny was to take on the sins of the world as Jesus hung on the cross of
Calvary. Other people’s problems are not their own business; they’re ours too.
We belong to so many different levels of families: our nuclear family at home;
our extended family with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc; the family
that is our local area; our nation; the worldwide family of humanity and the
family of believers that is the Church.

The feast of the Holy Family
shows us that we all belong to each other because we all belong to God. And any
problem that one of our family members might have is ours too. Even if it’s
only the mouse!

Feast of the Holy Family






Charles Reynolds RIP

For Our Family & Friends




William & Eileen Kealey RIP




Hugh Gourley






For all who have died in 2020 parishioners and all who
have been affected in any way by COVID19


Mary the Mother of God



St John’s and

St Luke’s Parish



Second Sunday After Christmas





Molly & Ted Harrison RIP

John O’Shea RIP

St Luke’s Parish

Resumption of Public Worship; Thankfully despite the many Covid
19 regulations of our time, public Masses have now resumed on Sunday’s and
Weekday’s and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to our Churches in
this Christmas Season. Our Weekend Masses remain
at the usual times . You must still book in for
weekend Masses using the pink form (available from the front of the Church) or
by sending an email to Social distancing still applies
and face coverings must be worn. Please do not come to Church if you feel
unwell or have any Covid 19 symptoms.

It is important, particularly at this time of year that we
all stay in touch with one another by phone, email, zoom or doorstep contact.
If anyone is in need of material or spiritual help please do get in touch by
phone 0151 645 314/0151

645 3996 or email

for the Sick-

please remember
our sick and housebound parishioners in your daily prayers. If anyone is in
need of a visit / Holy Communion, please do let us know, via parish email /
phone especially if they are in our Wirral hospitals or at St John’s Hospice.

In Memorium: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ted
Bevan whose Funeral Mass will be at St
John’s on

7th January at 12noon

and for Peter Merity whose Funeral Mass will be at
St John’s on

8th January at 10.30am.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful
departed rest in peace.

New Year: There will be two Masses
celebrated at St John’s to mark the Feast of Mary the Mother of

God. On New Year’s Eve (i.e. this Thursday) at 7pm Fr Bernard will offer a Mass for
all those who have died in our parish in 2020 and all those who have been
affected in any way by COVID 19. This will be followed by a time of Adoration
before the Blessed Sacrament. On

New Year’s Day Fr Paschal will offer a Mass at 10.00am for
the intentions of everyone in St John’s & St Luke’s Parish.


is the Second Sunday of Christmas with Masses at the
usual times, Saturday 5pm and Sunday 9.30am.

Feast of the Epiphany:
there will be two Masses at St John’s to celebrate the
Feast Tuesday
5th January at

Wednesday 6th January at 10.00am

Thank you for Last Weekend’s Offertory Collection
of £772.02p. Please note that a basket is now on the table at the back of
Church for your Offertory Donations when you come into Church for private
prayer/a visit……….please always make cheques payable to
St John’s New Ferry.
You can also push offertory envelopes/donations
through the presbytery letterbox or take out a standing order

You can also push offertory envelopes/donations
through the presbytery letterbox or take out a standing order

(further info on this from Carol Dalziel or from Mike Russell at the
Curial Offices Tel 0151 652 9855)

Your giving to St John’s Parish
in these challenging times is very much needed and appreciated.

Fr Bernard thanks
you for your generous Christmas offerings and for the numerous cards and gifts
he has received all of which are very much appreciated. He also thanks all the
members of St John’s Parish for their prayers, help and support in the
challenging year of 2020 and prays that 2021 will be a better and healthier
year for everyone.

Our Schools are on holiday now until the 4th January: We wish
all the children and staff a safe and restful holiday after a difficult and
trying term.

Caritas at Christmas Appeal

Caritas would like to
provide food and gifts to those most in need in the Shrewsbury Diocese this
Christmas. A box for your loose change is on the table at the back of church
and will remain there until after Masses this weekend. Please be generous.

is still on the table at the back of church. Please
write your Christmas message at a
suggested minimum
donation of £1.

All proceeds will go towards the work of The Ark. Please support this
very good cause and thank you for your support over the years.

suggested minimum
donation of £1.

All proceeds will go towards the work of The Ark. Please support this
very good cause and thank you for your support over the years.

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