The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7th February, 2021 Cycle B


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury
(reg. charity 234025)

Parish Priest: Fr Bernard

Revd Michael Daly

0151 645 3314

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The Fifth
Sunday in Ordinary Time 7th February, 2021 Cycle B


us pray for those of our community who are sick, for those who care for them at
home and for those who use their skills in the hospitals and nursing homes of
our area. Lord, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.
Let us pray for those who like Job feel hopeless and helpless, that they
may be blessed with the care and support of those who love them and may be
helped to see an end to the problems that beset them. Lord…
As the economic downturn continues to affect our country let us pray
that we might be attentive to those around us who are in a worse position than
we are, and let us remember those in parts of the world who have nothing to
call their own. Lord…
Education Sunday we pray for those of our parish who are involved in the world
of teaching and learning: for the children of our schools and colleges, for
their teachers and for those who make decisions that affect their future
education at local and national level. Lord…

Wirral Foodbank: continues to need your help and support, Full details of how to donate to
Wirral Foodbank can be found at

People who need emergency food and support at this time can
contact the Wirral Emergency Food Hub on 0151 666 5050

The Parish
Newsletter & the Wednesday Word are available as you leave Church (via the front
side door). Please take a copy for yourself and anyone else who would
appreciate receiving information about St John’s Parish at this time.

you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address
or put it through the presbytery letter box

The worst thing you can do to someone who’s depressed is to tell them to
pull themselves together. They simply can’t, because they don’t see things the
way we do and from their point of view all the positives seem to have
the mood that Job is in today in our scripture reading. He’s suffering a
restlessness: when it’s night he longs for the dawn but when the new day comes
he wishes it was night again. He’s hopeless and helpless.
It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of depression, although most of us
just like a good moan and we occasionally end up feeling sorry for ourselves.
We complain about the rise in food prices in the economic downturn but then we
still spend our money on things that we don’t really need or that don’t do us
any good. But
imagine if you really did lose all hope and the future seemed bleak. Where
would you turn? What would be the compass points of your existence that would
guide you through the dark days? In today’s gospel we hear that Jesus cured
many people of mental illness who were brought to him by their family and
friends. When everything else seemed to have failed they knew that he wouldn’t
let them down. “Casting out devils” meant healing mental disturbance and this
was a large part of the healing ministry of Christ.
Just because we believe in Jesus does not mean that we will never suffer
from depression; in fact, depression is sometimes the only way a person can
survive an awful experience. It’s the mind’s way of defending itself for a
while. And it’s not the case that Christians look at the world with
rose-coloured glasses. We don’t just see a wonderful world; we go through the
same troughs as every other person. But faith gives a purpose to our suffering.
It teaches us that whatever we undergo we are not alone. Besides any medical
treatment that we might receive, we also know that Jesus himself has already
taken on the deepest suffering possible and has overcome it. Being a Christian
means being part of a community that cares, a community that sees the hurt of
one person as affecting the whole Body of Christ, the Church. Look around you.

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time





Ted Welsh RIP

Gerry Topping 1st Aniv

St Luke’s Parish






Sylvia Nugent RIP




Alex Hoban RIP




For Covid Sufferers &

NHS Personnel & Carers





Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time





Michael &Gill Azurdia RIP

For Married People

St Luke’s Parish

Public Masses; continue in our churches You must still book in for weekend
Masses using the pink form (available from the front of the Church) or by
sending an email to by 10am on Saturday morning. Please
remember social distancing at all times inside and outside the church, face coverings
must be worn inside the church and please continue to use the hand sanitiser on
entering and leaving. Please do not come to church if you are feeling unwell or
have any Covid 19 symptoms.

Exposition of the Blessed

Saturday’s from 10.30-11.30am in Church. The
Rosary is prayed for all parish/ family/ individual needs and intentions at
11.10am. Please join us in person, in Church, or pray the Rosary at the same
time from your home.


Every Tuesday after 9.15am Mass.
Please stay
behind if you can lend a hand with this essential task in these Covid 19
times even if you can’t come every week. Many
hands make light the work!

It is important that we all stay in touch with one another
by phone, email, zoom or doorstep contact. If anyone is in need of material or spiritual
help please do not hesitate to get in
touch by phone 0151 645 3314/ or


Prayers for the Sick- please pray for the sick and all those self-isolating
in our parish. If anyone is in need of a visit/ phone call, please do let Fr
Bernard know. Thursday is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the World Day
of Prayer for the Sick. A copy of Pope Francis’ Message for this Special
Day of Prayer is posted on the Church notice board or you can read it on the
Vatican website. The Rosary will be prayed on Thursday at 8.45am before the
9.15am Mass for Covid Sufferers and NHS Personnel and Carers.

Shrewsbury Lourdes Hospitality Mass for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes will be live streamed on church
services tv, from St Vincent’s, Knutsford at 9.30am on 11th Feb .We will be
hosting a zoom social gathering that evening at 8pm, for details to join in
please email or text/call 07451249267.

Weekend’s Offertory Collection
amounted to £342.40p a slight drop on last week. Please note that the offertory
basket is on the table at the back of Church for your donations. You can also
push offertory envelopes/donations through the presbytery letterbox or take out
a standing order



Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of Kathleen O’Neill, Funeral
Service at St John’s on Thursday 18th Feb at 1pm. Also for Betty
Finan, Funeral Mass at St John’s on Friday 19th Feb at 12.30pm. Please also remember in your prayers Dr
Michael Azurdia and his wife Gill who died in Arrowe Park Hospital recently and Brian Cummings who died last
weekend. May they all Rest in Peace.

Baptisms, First Communions, Weddings ,,,there is now a
considerable backlog. We hope & pray that we may be able to proceed with
these after Easter. Please keep in touch with Fr Bernard.

Thinking about becoming a Catholic- recently, people have started to reflect upon the bigger
questions of life, and explore their faith. If you have been thinking about
becoming a Catholic please get in touch.

Lent is coming
around quite quickly, with Ash Wednesday on the 17th February.
There will be two Masses here at St John’s on that significant day. At 10am (Fr
Paschal) and at 7pm (Fr Bernard). Ashes will be blessed and distributed at both
Masses and in these Covid 19 times we will explain exactly how that is to be
done next weekend. We will not use the weekend booking form for these Masses
but to satisfy the “Track and Trace” requirements you will need to let Fr
Bernard know which Mass you intend to come to
via email, phone (0151 645 3314) or with a note posted through the presbytery
letterbox by 11am on Tuesday 16th February.

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