Fourth Sunday of Lent, 14th March, 2021. Cycle B


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury
(reg. charity 234025)

Parish Priest: Fr Bernard

Revd Michael Daly

0151 645 3314

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Sunday of Lent, 14th March, 2021. Cycle B


All-loving God, we give thanks and
praise for mothers young and old. We
pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every
need; May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families
and themselves with joy.

We pray for our own mothers who
have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide us in strong and
gentle ways.

We remember mothers who are
separated from their children because of war, poverty or conflict; May they
feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away.

We pray for women who are not
mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion.

We remember mothers, grandmothers,
and great-grandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our
memory and nourish us with their love. Amen.

Word for Today: contrary to popular opinion, God does
not want anyone to perish. He sent his
Son into the world not to condemn it but to offer it the chance of a quality of
life that outshines anything currently available. Anyone who believes in his Son can have this
quality of life.

Wirral Foodbank: continues to need your help and support, Full details of how to donate to
Wirral Foodbank can be found at

htpps/ People who need emergency food and support at this time can
contact the Wirral Emergency Food Hub on 0151 666 5050

Parish Newsletter & the Wednesday Word are available as you leave Church (via
the front side door). Please take a copy for yourself and anyone else who would
appreciate receiving this newsletter. There is some Lenten literature on the
table at the back of church. Please feel free to take this home with you also.

you have a notice for the bulletin please email it to the parish email address
or put it through the presbytery letter box


On television you can sometimes see people in the crowd at
sports events holding up a placard that simply says “John 3:16”. They are
Christians who want to get you to find out what the text says in John’s gospel:
“God loved the world so much that he sent his only Son so that anyone who
believes in him may not be lost but have eternal life”.

can see why they hold up that particular reference. In a sense it sums up the
whole purpose of the incarnation. It captures the heart of the gospel message
in one verse. And yet it comes as something of a surprise to many people. In
popular culture God is portrayed as a severe character, as someone who is just
dying for us to put a foot wrong so that he can send down lightning bolts,
earthquakes and floods and condemn the whole lot of us.

However, as this text from today’s gospel reminds us, God sent his Son not because he detested the
world but because he loves it so much. And the purpose of the Son’s coming to
earth was not to wreak destruction but to ensure salvation.

God became one of us. A fellow human being is also our God:
Jesus the Christ. And strange though it seems, God is on our side and is rich
in love. When we choose to ignore what’s good for us we come face to face with
God. But what’s God’s preferred remedy? Is it punishment and death? No. It’s
mercy and grace.

People who try to discredit religion say that it thrives on
fear, that it only makes its followers psychologically dependent on a greater
being that holds the threat of annihilation over them. Maybe they should read
this text. God sent his Son because he loves us and doesn’t want us to miss out
on the fullness of life.

So as we continue our journey through Lent we move towards
the Easter manifestation of God’s true glory, of his victory over all that
threatens to hold us down and drag us back. While we ready ourselves for the
great feast we can rejoice in the fact that God is on our side and we can thank
him just for being our God and for bothering to have us as his sons and
daughters, the ones he loved so much that he sent his only Son to.

Fourth Sunday of Lent






Jamie Armstrong RIP

Ints Tony Carmichael

St Luke’s Parish

Stations of the Cross







Ints Peggy McAllister




Ints of Philip White





Funeral Mass –

Peter Roberts

Madeline Sweeney RIP







Fifth Sunday of Lent






Josie Murray RIP

Ints Peter & Kath Clements

Golden Wedding Annv

St Luke’s Parish

Stations of the Cross

Public Masses; continue in our
churches. You must book in for weekend Masses using the pink form (

available from the front of the Church) or by sending an email to Please remember
social distancing at all times inside and outside the church, face coverings
must be worn inside the church and please continue to use the hand sanitiser on
entering and leaving. Please do not come to church if you are feeling unwell or
have any Covid 19 symptoms. If you are able and willing to help with stewarding
duties at our Lenten, Holy Week and Easter Services please let Fr Bernard know

Lent 2021 at St John’s Church


5.00pm Sun 9.30am & 11am

of the Cross

Each Sunday at 3.00pm. This week led by Fr. Paschal.


& Wednesday at 9.15am.

at 7pm.

details of the Holy Week and Easter Liturgies to be celebrated in St John’s
Church will be published in next week’s bulletin.

Feasts this Week: On Wednesday we celebrate the Feast of St Patrick with
Mass at 9.15am. Friday
is the Feast of St Joseph and in
this Year of St Joseph that will be celebrated with a Vigil
Mass on Thursday evening at 7.00pm.


Every Tuesday after 9.15am Mass. Please stay behind if you can and lend a hand
with this essential task in these Covid 19 times and in this season of

Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament in Church and socially distanced Confessions in the Day Chapel

each Saturday from 10.30am to

On Saturday 27th March Fr Paschal and Fr Thomas will
be available with Fr Bernard to celebrate the Sacrament of
Reconciliation /hear Confessions with parishioners from all our LPA parishes.

for the Sick-

please pray for the sick and all those self-isolating in our
parish. If anyone is in need of a visit please let Fr Bernard know. Your
prayers are still requested at this time for Deacon Philip White and Canon
Brendan Hoban.


Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of Peter Roberts, Funeral

Mass Thursday 18th March
at St John’s at

2pm. May they Rest in Peace.

Last Weekend’s Offertory Collection amounted to £418.83p
.Thank you. Please note that the offertory basket is on the table at the back
of Church for your donations. You can also push offertory envelopes/donations
through the presbytery letterbox or take out a standing order.


Thank you for your generosity last weekend. The basket for donations towards
the Holy Week & Easter Flowers and displays will remain on the table at the
back of Church until after next weekend’s Masses.

Gift Aid enables parishes to reclaim tax on
donations that are ALREADY being made at the Offertory and in many other ways,
such as donations for special purposes and retiring collections. Donors simply make a
declaration that they wish their donations to qualify for a tax refund under
the Gift Aid Scheme. This declaration may be made on a Gift Aid Declaration
Form (available from Fr. Bernard or Carol Dalziel) or it can be made over the
telephone, fax or by email to the Diocesan office.

donor only has to give their name and address, to confirm that they are paying
sufficient income tax and that they wish to be part of the Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid involves no commitment to give any
particular amount and no long-term commitment. The donor may cancel their membership of the
scheme at any time. There are only two
conditions with which donors must comply; firstly, that they must be paying at
least as much income tax as is reclaimed on their total charitable donations in
the tax year and secondly that all donations on which a tax refund is to be
claimed will be given either by Offertory Envelopes, by Cheque or by Banker’s Standing Order. It does not matter which rate
of income tax the donor pays. Tax may be reclaimed on any
donation(s) given in the above ways at no additional cost to the donor. These
may consist of Offertory Donations at Mass, Christmas and Easter Offerings,
special Retiring Collections that are taken from time-to-time, Mass Offerings,
or any “one-off’ donation(s) made in response to an appeal for a specific purpose.
If you would like to set up a monthly Standing Order in favour of St
John’s rather than use weekly envelopes, please ask Fr Bernard or Carol Dalziel
for the corresponding Form. Thank you

CAFOD Family Fast Day
this Lent CAFOD envelopes are available at the back of church and can be handed
in anytime between now and Palm Sunday

28th /29th March

Blundell’s Big walk for Water for Cafod took place around our parish a few
weeks ago. So far Richard has raised in excess of £359. Donations can still be
made directly to his just giving page at

Traidcraft goods will be on sale after
weekend Masses on

20th/21st March in the Day Chapel.

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