Second  Sunday of Easter, 11th April, 2021. Cycle B


St John the Evangelist

128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, CH62 5BJ

Diocese of Shrewsbury
(reg. charity 234025)

Parish Priest: Fr Bernard

Revd Michael Daly

0151 645 3314

Email: Websites:

Second Sunday of Easter, 11th April, 2021. Cycle B

Easter Prayer:

Help us this Easter Lord to focus
on you
to keep us calm and patient
during this very uncertain
Give us the strength
cling on as we put our faith and trust in you,
giving us the confidence and
assurance that you love
us and that we are in your hands,
keep us safe and well
we pray, in Jesus name.

Rev Mike Loach in
addition to his existing responsibilities at Christ Church, Higher Bebington is
shortly to become Priest in Charge at St Paul’s Church in Rock Ferry. Fr Bernard looks forward to sharing in the
special service to mark this significant development on 20th April led by the Bishop of Chester. Fr Bernard and Mike Loach are pleased to be
able to work so closely together for the good of the people entrusted to their
care and the community of Bebington, New Ferry & Rock Ferry. In the days of
the Covid 19 pandemic they have prayed privately & regularly together at St
John’s and at Christ Church for the good health and well -being of everyone.

Wirral Foodbank: continues to need your help and support,
Full details of how to donate to Wirral Foodbank can be found at

htpps/ People who need emergency food
and support at this time can contact the Wirral Emergency Food Hub on 0151 666


The Parish
Newsletter & the Wednesday Word are available as you leave Church (via the
front side door). Please take a copy for yourself and anyone else who would
appreciate receiving this newsletter. There is some Lenten literature on the
table at the back of church. Please feel free to take this home with you also.

If you have a notice for the bulletin please email
it to the parish email address or put it through the presbytery letter box



we achieve something momentous or finish a task that has taken a lot of effort,
we usually want to sit back and admire what we have done, to take stock and
rest on our laurels for a while. So after the events of Easter you’d expect the
Church to sit back and bask in the glory of it all. But you’d be wrong!

Today, just one week after the climax of Easter we’re told
that we have to be on the move, witnessing to our faith in Christ. In fact,
that’s hardly surprising since in today’s scripture we meet the risen Christ on
that first Easter Sunday in John’s gospel. He goes to the disciples and tells
them that just as the Father sent him, so now he is sending them out to be
witnesses of his resurrection. There’s no time to laze around.

A lot of us have a problem witnessing to our faith. Perhaps we feel awkward or embarrassed about
the prospect of talking to others about our beliefs. Maybe we are put off by
the thought of being tarred with the same brush as those who knock on people’s
doors or stand ranting against the world on high streets or markets in many of
our towns and cities. It could be that we think witnessing to our faith is the
job of the clergy and is best left to them. Whatever the reason it’s certainly
the case that there’s a lot less of it now than there used to be.

Of course, faith is good to have but not good to hold on to.
It’s intended to be passed on and it’s the job of every baptised Christian to
share in that task of letting others know about Jesus Christ and the promises
he has made in his Father’s name. But witnessing to this doesn’t mean that we
have to stand on a soapbox in some public place. They say that faith is caught
not taught. Most of us catch it from our parents or some person who means a lot
to us.

We can witness to Christ by the example of our lives, by the
way we treat others, by the way we simply stand up for those less fortunate
than ourselves, by the way we encourage our own children in their faith and by
the way we are ready to be the first to lend a hand. So as the alleluias of the
resurrection begin to sound more distant, this is not the time to press the
re-wind button. It’s time for the fast-forward!

Second Sunday of Easter






Jack McCormick Annv RIP

Ints Kate Hangley

St Luke’s Parish

Divine Mercy Devotions




Brockway & Callaghan Families RIP




Margaret Forshaw RIP







Vigil Mass for

Rev Philip White



12 Noon

Funeral Mass for

Rev Philip White



Third Sunday of Easter





Margaret Golaghee RIP

Intentions Norman Cummins

St Luke’s Parish


continue in our churches. You must book in for
weekend Masses using the pink form (

from the front of the Church) or by sending an email to Please remember
social distancing at all times inside and outside the church, face coverings
must be worn inside the church and please continue to use the hand sanitiser on
entering and leaving. Please do not come to church if you are feeling unwell or
have any Covid 19 symptoms. If you are able and willing to help with stewarding
duties at our Lenten, Holy Week and Easter Services please let Fr Bernard know

this Divine Mercy Sunday here at St John’s

: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and socially
distanced Confessions from

to 2.50pm

. Devotions and
Benediction at


& Weddings in 2021 and

beyond. Bookings are now being taken for Baptisms and Weddings at St John’s from July 2021 onwards. We our operating on a first come first served
basis. Please get in touch by email or phone.

for the Sick and Housebound:

Please remember all
our Sick, Housebound and self- isolating parishioners in your daily prayers and
if anyone is in need of a visit/Holy Communion this Holy Week and Easter please
let Fr Bernard know.

In Memorium: Please pray for the repose of the souls of Canon
Brendan Hoban

(Funeral details posted on the notice board) and our own Deacon Philip White. Philip’s
Vigil Mass here at St John’s will be celebrated by Fr Bernard on

Thursday at 7pm. Mgr John McManus will
preach at that Mass. Philip’s Funeral Mass again here at St John’s will be
celebrated by Bishop Mark on

at 12 noon.

In Bishop Mark’s
own words “sadly in these days Philip’s Funeral Rites must take place within
the restrictions on numbers required by HM Government for Covid security etc”. Therefore
only those who have been specifically invited by the White family should attend
either the Vigil Mass /Funeral Mass. Philip’s burial at Frankby Cemetery
(obviously in the open air) will take place around 1.30pm on Friday. You could
join us for that (pray for good weather). Thomas McMullan Funeral Services will
be live streaming both Masses and having talked to Sara, Patrick and Elly on
Friday I will celebrate a Memorial Mass for Philip here at St John’s at

7.00pm on Thursday 1st July (the day Philip was ordained a Deacon) which by
then please God most of the COVID 19 restrictions should have been lifted. May
Canon Hoban and Deacon Philip White Rest in Peace.


with people across our nation and indeed across the world this
weekend we also mourn the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh and we pray for
comfort and consolation for HM The Queen and all the members of the Royal

Last Weekend’s Offertory Collection amounted to £1238.60p.
Holy Places amounted to £280.49p.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

Please note that the offertory basket is on the table at the back of
Church for your donations. You can also push offertory envelopes/donations
through the presbytery letterbox or take out a standing order.


Gift Aid enables parishes to
reclaim tax on donations that are ALREADY being made at the Offertory and in
many other ways, such as donations for special purposes and retiring
collections. Donors simply make a
declaration that they wish their donations to qualify for a tax refund under
the Gift Aid Scheme. This declaration may be made on a Gift Aid Declaration
Form (available from Fr. Bernard or Carol Dalziel) or it can be made over the
telephone, fax or by email to the Diocesan office. The donor only has to give
their name and address, to confirm that they are paying sufficient income tax
and that they wish to be part of the Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid involves no commitment to give any
particular amount and no long-term commitment. The donor may cancel their membership of the
scheme at any time. There are only two
conditions with which donors must comply; firstly, that they must be paying at
least as much income tax as is reclaimed on their total charitable donations in
the tax year and secondly that all donations on which a tax refund is to be
claimed will be given either by Offertory Envelopes, by Cheque or by Banker’s Standing Order. It does not matter which rate
of income tax the donor pays. Tax may be reclaimed on any donation(s) given
in the above ways at no additional cost to the donor. These may consist of Offertory
Donations at Mass, Christmas and Easter
Offerings, special Retiring Collections that are taken from time-to-time, Mass
Offerings, or any “one-off’ donation(s) made in response to an appeal for a
specific purpose.
If you would like to set up a monthly Standing Order in favour of St
John’s rather than use weekly envelopes, please ask Fr Bernard or Carol Dalziel
for the corresponding Form. Thank you

In our
Diocese of Shrewsbury

on 16th July at St Anthony’s Church in
Wythenshawe Bishop Mark will ordain Patrick Breeze, Humphrey O’Connor &
Stephen Roberts as priests for our Diocese. A week or so later on 24th July Bishop Mark will ordain John
McKay and Wilfred Mc Sherry as Permanent Deacons at St Michael & All Angels Church in
Woodchurch. Please keep our Church students and prospective deacons in your
prayers this Easter


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